Video: iOS Synth Review: CHAiOS SYNTH 2

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CHAiOS SYNTH 2 is the generation of the CHAiOS SYNTH App. It’s a combination of a Synthesizer and Drum Machine. It’s app for everyone. More details in the video.”

Video published by Synth Anatomy.

CHAiOS SYNTH 2 on the app store:

Video: CS2.1 “SETS” demo

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“CS2.1 is out now introducing “SETS”! Watch this detailed tutorial to find out how it works!”

Video published by MrRonZimmer.

Chaios Synth 2 on the app store:

CHAiOS SYNTH 2.1 brings a new ‘sets’ feature to the app

Here’s what’s new in CHAiOS SYNTH 2.1:

“Introducing the new feature “SETS”: It’s a very easy and convenient way to store your sounds, loops and beats in up to eight sets. Use “SETS” to come back to the sounds you’ve created even after restarting CHAiOS SYNTH 2 or save different parts of your song and switch between them even while playing!”

CHAiOS SYNTH 2 on the app store:

Video: Learn how to play CHAiOS SYNTH in 25s

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“This short video shows how easy it is to play CHAiOS SYNTH 2. Buy it now and create some CHAiOS! Only for iPad.

„CHAiOS SYNTH 2“ von Per Loenicker”

Video published by CHAiOS SYNTH.

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Video: CHAiOS SYNTH 2.1 is coming soon! Introducing new feature “SETS”

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“CS2.1 comes with the new feature “SETS”. Now It’s easy to save your sounds, loops and beats. Or you trigger sets on the fly to play different parts of a song. Check out this video to get an idea of “SETS”!”

Video published by MrRonZimmer.

CHAiOS SYNTH on the app store:

CHAiOS SYNTH 2 has arrived


Another new synth for your iPad (your iOS 9.1 as a minimum iPad) actually. Here’s all the details …

The CHAiOS SYNTH 2 is a further development of the free and easy-to-use CHAiOS SYNTH, which was formerly developed at the University of Applied Sciences Duesseldorf. The new version is beefed up by a number of new features and improvements. Now the CHAiOS SYNTH 2 has become a full professional synthesizer while staying as intuitive and uncomplicated as its predecessor.

With support for Inter-App Audio and Audiobus the CHAiOS SYNTH 2 can be used together with other audio apps on iPad.

Main features:

  • 16 Step melody generator with unique random algorithm
  • Wavetable oscillator with three different waveforms
  • VA lowpass filter with variable resonance and cutoff frequency
  • Delay- and reverb-effects
  • ADSR envelopes for controlling amp and filter frequency
  • Support for Audiobus and Inter-App Audio
  • Improvements to CHAiOS Synth 1
    • New bandlimited wavetable oscillator
    • New „virtual analog“ 4-pole lowpass filter
    • Additional ADSR-envelope for the filter frequency
    • 3 modes for filter resonance
    • 16 step /3 track drum-sequencer
    • More parameters for reverb and delay
    • Adjustable oscillator volume
    • Improved, streamlined design


By placing your finger on the X/Y-pad a looped melody is generated by a random algorithm, the finger position determines how many notes are used.
If a melody sounds good to you, it can be looped and the sound can be tweaked by a number of parameters and effects.
The options to modify the sound are carefully selected to work well together and provide a creative and fun workflow.

The old, free version of CHAiOS SYNTH is still available at the App Store FOR FREE, but will not be developed or maintained any further. Check it out to get the idea of the CHAiOS Engine!

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