Caustic 3.2 is the first update for over 2 years

There’s no doubt that Caustic is an amazing app. For starters it’s cross platform, iOS and Android. It’s an incredible universal production studio, and after over 2 years it’s got better. Here’s what’s new:

  • New machine: SawSynth (Polyphonic supersaw-type synth)
  • New “melody helper” to lock keyboards to scales
  • Support for more time signatures (3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 7/4) from the song page and in pattern editors
  • Tool to create new PCMSynth instruments by merging your rack.
  • Keyable BPM

New effects:

  • Octaver
  • Vibrato
  • Tremolo
  • AutoPan

Machine improvements:

  • PCMSynth: Stereo sample support
  • Modular: Added stereo out to machine input component
  • Bassline: Custom waveform support
  • 8BitSynth: Random equation generator


  • Patterns show preview of notes
  • Quick jump table replaces machine list
  • Create machine by double tapping empty slot
  • Automation editor workflow visual crosshairs

Wave editor enhancements:

  • Stereo support
  • Effect support
  • Timestretch/pitchshift
  • BPM detection
  • Insert silence
  • Time ruler w/snap

Added mixer + transport MIDI mappings
Added support for using MIDI notes as CC triggers

Effect bypass is now keyable

Improved typing keyboard with uppercase/lowercase support

New loop and stem export options

More keyboard key width options for large screens

Caustic on the app store:

Mastering coming to Android? It would look like it

This is coming from the maker of Caustic (iOS and Android), and it looks pretty good too.

Video description:

“Mastering is possible on a mobile device bringing many pro-audio style tools to your mobile device to polish up your music project, from whatever source you created it in. This is a sneak peek at what you can do with the Mastering App from Single Cell Software, the home of Caustic. I am quite impressed with Rej’s latest creation, and am excited for its upcoming release to the public in 2016!”

Video published by EIPStudiosOhio.

Caustic Metadata editor (android)

Musical Android posted about this app which I had no idea actually existed. It looks kind of useful, but, as per the title, it’s for Android only. Handy for Android users of course, not so much for iOS people.

Caustic 3 loading FL Studio Mobile instruments

Useful tip from Musical Android on loading FL Studio Mobile instruments into Caustic.

MIDI controllers for Android using Caustic 3

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