Buttercup Bitcrush 2.0 goes AU and more

Another in the Flora groups gets updated. Buttercup Bitcrush has received the 2.0 treatment to rebuild the infrastructure, with a focus upon improving stability, user experience and audio quality.

Also included in this update:

  • AUV3 Support
  • Preset saving (Bonus: Saved presets are accessible from AU Hosts)
  • Massive perfomance upgrades to both the audio processing and user interface.
  • Reduced download footprint
  • Improved stability
  • Enhanced support system

Buttercup Bitcrush 1.2 arrives and it’s now an Audio Unit

Buttercup Bitcrush 1.2 brings audio unit compatibility and more. Here’s what’s new:

  • Improved audiobus support
  • Improved inter app audio support
  • Optimised Audio unit for Cubasis and AUM
  • Reduced package size

Buttercup Bitcrush brings Audio Unit support in version 1.1

Buttercup Bitcrush gets updated to version 1.1 and brings us:

  • DSP improvements.
  • Native presets
  • Audio Unit support

Buttercup Bitcrush on the app store:

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