Blocs Wave 6.0 brings new ‘sections’ feature


I’ve mentioned before that I’m a big fan of Blocs Wave and keeps on getting better and better as a really accessibly and immediate app for getting musical ideas down. With version 6 they’ve hit the nail on the head again.

Blocs Wave now lets you build bigger ideas. Pads are grouped into sections, which can be used to create new ideas or try variations. Swipe left or right to change section in real-time. You can also copy and paste sections to quickly try different variations of an idea.

Highlight Features

  • New sections feature – 6 sections in total, each with 8 pads
  • Jam your sections – Swipe between sections in real-time
  • Create variations – Try different ideas by copying and pasting sections

Other Improvements

  • Fixed occasional crash when switching session
  • Various minor fixes

Video: Blocs Wave: Day off in Vienna

Video description:

“I was on SuperBooth this year for creating video content. More gear news will coming soon. Please support me on Patreon if you enjoy my content:

Today, I had a day off in Vienna and I visited a nice park where I experiment a bit with Blocs Wave. This is my result and must say: I love the way how you can create very easy new songs.”

Video published by Synth Anatomy.

Blocs Wave on the app store:

Video: Moodcaper Demo with AUM, Blocs Wave and Soundscaper for iPad

Video description:

Moodscaper Demo with AUM, Blocs Wave and Soundscaper for iPad”

Video published by The Sound Test Room.

Video: Blocs Wave | User Libraries & Flatten – Tutorial

Video description:

“User Library mode is now available”

Video published by Blocs for iOS.

Blocs Wave on the app store:

Blocs Wave 5.0 brings even more features

This app just gets better and better. Blocs version 5 has arrived, here’s what’s new:

Blocs Wave now has a user library, which lets you manage your imported and recorded sounds. This means you can now use your imported and recorded loops in Discover mode, keep all your recordings safe, edit multiple library sounds, and even re-import your sounds with a new Flatten feature.

Highlight Features

  • Never lose your recorded or imported sounds – Find them in the user library
  • Use your own sounds in Discover mode – Easily combine your own sounds with soundpacks
  • Edit multiple sounds – Delete, reassign key and type for multiple sounds at once
  • Use Flatten to trim and save sliced or looped sounds to your user library

Video: Blocs Wave | Recreate ‘OneMoreTime’ with Slice Mode

Video description:

“Recreating One More Time by Daft Punk with Blocs Wave for iPad”

Video published by Blocs for iOS.

Blocs Wave on the app store:

Video: Blocs Wave, Slice Function Demo for the iPad

Great to see that Blocs Wave is getting plenty of attention. Here’s a good tutorial of the new slice function from Doug.

Video published by the sound test room.

Blocs Wave on the app store:

Blocs keeps getting better, now there’s slice mode and you’re going to love it!


I’ve been quite vocal about Blocs Wave since it arrived and this new feature is something that I’ve been waiting for. I actually got to play with this feature a couple of weeks ago when we worked with Blocs at SoundLab. It’s amazing and opens up a whole new dimension for the app.

It’s great to see that Blocs are moving forward and adding new and innovative features to the app on such a regular basis, so I can’t wait to see what’s next for the app! All I can say is that it’ll go from strength to strength.

On to the important stuff, here’s what’s new:

Blocs Wave for iOS, the new music-creation app for iPhone and iPad, now includes a new Slice mode. Use the waveform to chop up and play with your loops, recordings or imported sounds. Record as you play or use Step Sequence mode to input up to 4 bars of your performance. Fix your timing with Quantise or use the Random generator to experiment with new ideas. Available for both iPhone and iPad as a free update.

Highlight Features

  • Chop up and rearrange your sounds
  • Play slices in real-time, and record up to four bars of your performance
  • Control, quantise and slice pad velocity for an expressive feel
  • Simple step sequencer for crafting more intricate ideas
  • Find idea inspiration with the random generator
  • Multiple undo on slice record and step-sequence
  • Available for iPhone and iPad and is a free update for existing users


Other Key points

  • Export mix feature – You can now export your tune with our new offline export mix mode
  • Batch export the individual pads to easily get them into another app or onto your laptop


Introductory price (extended for one more week) £3.99, $4.99, €4.99, normal app Price: £4.99, $6.99, €6.99:

If you want to see it in action, here’s a video that does just that …


Following on from my love of Blocs Wave, this video is a must see

If you haven’t tried out Ableton’s Link technology as yet, then watch this and see just what you can do with it. Here it’s being used in Blocs, a thing I think is amazing in itself, and having worked with Blocs last week I know just how amazing it is going to get.

Video description:

“Performance with iPad Air 2 and iPad 2 with Blocs Wave by Novation trying new Ableton Link support!

What do you think? =)”

Video published by Matteo Cozza.

Blocs Wave on the app store:

Also check out my page on other Link enabled apps

Blocs Wave just gets better and better …

It would seem like the lovely people at Blocs must be working round the clock to get new features out. It’s only been a week since their last release with Ableton Link integration and here we are again with even more goodness. In version 3.0 they’ve added a new export mix feature so you can now export your project with their offline export mode. If that wasn’t enough you can also now do a batch export of the individual pads to easily get them into another app or onto your laptop. How amazing is that!

Now I happen to know that this isn’t the end of what the Blocs chaps are up to. If you check the post below (about my most recent SoundLab event) you’ll see that we had Blocs along to show their app, and there are very very cool things coming to Blocs Wave. But I can’t say what. What I can say is that you’ll love it!

If that wasn’t enough here’s a nice tutorial from the Blocs team on the new features:

For now, check out the app if you haven’t already. It really is great way to make music.

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