Blocs Wave export arrives

Blocs for iOS // Introducing Blocs Export from Blocs for iOS on Vimeo.

The momentum doesn’t stop, Blocs Wave gets another update to version 11 now. Here’s what’s new:

Introducing Blocs Export: send your Blocs Wave creations directly to Launchpad, and continue your music making. Use your sounds with Launchpad’s in-built effects, play and record your performances, then jump back to Blocs Wave to tweak or add more sounds.

Blocs Wave on the app store:

Novation LaunchPad on the app store:


Blocs Wave and LaunchPad introduce a new SoundPack Sharing Feature

Blocs Wave 10 and LaunchPad 5 have introduced LaunchPad SoundPack sharing. A nice new feature making soundpacks from Launchpad accessible in Blocs Wave. What’s more Novation is offering a discounts on soundpacks imminently and there’s also a sale price for Blocs too.

I have to say that I’m impressed with how Novation have brought their apps closer together ever since Blocs Wave arrived and this is another good example of just that. Improving interoperability is always a positive step and I’m sure that plenty of users of both apps will appreciate this.

Blocs Wave on the App Store:

LaunchPad on the App Store:


And now Blocs Wave gets Ableton Live Export too

Well it’s been a bit of a day for apps adding an ‘export to live set’ feature. The latest is Blocs Wave, a bit of a fav of mine anyway, but this new update takes it up a notch really.

Start your tune in Blocs Wave, recording and tweaking sounds wherever you are. Then when you’re ready, export to Ableton Live. The enhanced integration names your pads, converts them to clips, sets the tempo, clip size, and arranges the sounds neatly onto the powerful Ableton Live Session grid.

For users of other DAWs, Blocs Wave also has a Project export option. This also collects all your sounds, including any tweaks, and creates a folder for you to easily transport them. You can then take this to any other DAW including Logic, Protools, Garageband, or even other apps.

For existing users on iPhone and iPad, this is a free update.

Highlight Features

  • Export all your project sounds to Ableton Live from iPad or iPhone
  • The Grid positions, names, tempo, pad colours are all maintained
  • For Non-Ableton Live users a project Export option can also be used

Other Improvements

  • Other minor improvements & bug fixes

Don’t forget that Blocs Wave is also on sale at the moment with 50% off:


Seeing Blocs Wave at the Apple Store Covent Garden

I’m going to start by saying that I wish Apple would do a load more events like this! I think it would be awesome.

It was great to see Blocs Wave run a session on their app at the Apple Store in Covent Garden. The session itself was packed with a mix of people, some who had used the app, some who were seasoned music makers, and a fair number of people who had never done anything like this before.

Toby gave a great run through of both LaunchPad, and also Blocs Wave too. They explained music making on iOS brilliantly and allowed plenty of time for everyone to play, make music, and have fun. So please, let’s have more of this, much more!


Blocs Wave 7 is here

Another great update comes to Blocs Wave. Here’s what’s new:

Blocs Wave v7.0 makes it easier to import multiple sounds, export all your sounds and use your bluetooth speaker.

Highlight Features

  • Enabled Bluetooth (start the app with your Bluetooth speaker connected)
  • Export all your project sounds more easily (includes sounds in other sections)
  • Now use Airdrop to import multiple files at once
  • New multiple-import screen, which makes it faster to import multiple files
  • Support for ‘open in’, which makes it faster to import sounds from other apps

Other Improvements

  • Double-tap loop markers to reset
  • Double-tap waveform to reset zoom
  • Various minor fixes
  • Optimisations to improve performance
  • Various bug fixes