Video: Auxy iOS – Chilled Hip Hop (shows just what you can do with Auxy)

Auxy for iPad on the app store:

Auxy for iPhone on the app store:

Auxy (for iPhone) drops in price, and here’s why you should know

It may not sound like much, but Auxy (the iPhone version and not the iPad version) has come down in price a little today. It was $4.99 and now it’s $3.99. It’s only a dollar less, but this is a truly excellent app for making music. I mean really excellent.

It is incredibly accessible and simple to use but has a lot of power if you want to access it. As you might guess, I’m a big fan of both the iPhone and iPad versions, and that’s because I’m a big fan of apps that get people into music making without needing a load of musical or technical expertise.

So if you don’t know Auxy already then go take a look at the iPhone version on the app store, and if you’re not sure, try out the iPad app first, as that one is free (with IAPs).

Auxy for iPhone on the app store:

Auxy for iPad on the app store:

14 apps I love: 5 -Auxy


I can remember when I first talked to Henrik about how he wanted to change music making on mobile over a cup of tea in Soho. I thought that his ideas were ambitious to say the least, but in hindsight he really did know what he was doing.

Auxy is a one of the simplest apps for making music whilst at the same time providing you with a really expressive too for creativity. When the iPad version came out I was impressed, but when the iPhone version came out I was truly blown away.

The interface is clean and simple and provides you with everything you need for making music, and when you want to go a bit deeper, that’s there too. Now that it has Link it’s even better still.

I am sure that Auxy has a great future in front of it and if you’ve never seen it or tried it then I’d strongly suggest that you rectify that now.

Auxy on iPad:

Auxy on iPhone:

Auxy for iPhone gets Link, becomes even more awesome!

I make no apologies for saying that Auxy is a real favourite of mine. I think it’s awesome. In fact, even more awesome than the iPad version. I think this because it is such an amazingly simple yet effective tool for creating music. In some ways I think that Auxy sort of picks up where Figure left off, and takes the immediacy and accessibility to a new level.

Anyway, enough of me effusing over Auxy for iPhone. Right now the important news is that it’s added Ableton’s Link technology, and that’s brilliant!

So if you don’t know about Auxy, either for iPhone (the version now with Link), or the iPad version, it’s time to get acquainted!

Auxy for iPhone on the app store:

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