Auxy 2.0 tips …


Auxy 2.0 tips …


Auxy 2.0 video tutorials

As I’ve been testing / working with Auxy for a while it was good to see it get out in the wild at last.

I think it’s a great update, and if you haven’t seen it already you need to check it out.

Auxy 2.0 arrives and it’s free!

Not just the update, but the whole app is now free. I’m not sure if that’s an intentional thing to make it free from here on in or if it’s for a limited time only. Either way, this is a great app and really worth getting right now.

Here’s what’s new in version 2.0:

  • Add up to 16 instruments
  • Add up to 24 loops per instrument
  • Arrange your tracks with scenes
  • Create transitions between scenes
  • New sounds
  • And more…

ICYMI: Some new music from me using only Auxy

I posted about this little collection using Auxy only over the weekend, but in case you missed that here it is again. Enjoy!

Some new music from me using only Auxy

I made this little collection using Auxy only, which was interesting as you have to work within some quite tight limitations.

Recollections of PalmSounds: Henrik Lenberg from Auxy

I’m a big fan of Auxy and have been since it first appeared on the app store. Since then it’s only got better and better and I find these days that it is in fact one of my go to apps for making music on my iPhone.

I remember talking to Henrik about it when he was just starting and I’m so pleased that it’s become one of the finest and most accessible music making apps around. It really is a testament to his vision for Auxy. So it was great to get this from him:

“You have always been my goto source for staying updated on the mobile apps scene from when it started growing 5 years ago or so, while I was working on SoundCloud. What has made the strongest impression is that you’re a really nice guy and equally supportive (since I was lucky to meet you in person a couple of times).”

If you don’t know Auxy for either iPhone or iPad then I can’t recommend it enough. It’s a joy to use and it is beautifully designed.

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