Mizu Pro – Music And Beat Making Studio looks a lot like another app and is a lot more expensive

When I saw the screen shots for this it struck me as looking a lot like Auxy, and yet this app costs $19.99. Not sure why though.

Here are the details, you make up your own mind.

Mizu Pro offers a complete music production environment. It allows you to create and save complete multi-track projects on your iPhone or iPad. Put a whole music studio into your pocket and you will never lose any idea while you’re away from your computer!

Create music in the same audio quality as a professional studio software;

Thoroughly selected music samples by professional musicians;

Add as much instruments as you need for your track;

Compose a lead melody, strings, bass, and drum beat. Adjust tone and duration of a sample;

Combine all your loops into a whole song

Save your project on your device and download it via iTunes file sharing

Mizu Pro on the app store costs $19.99 (maybe try Auxy though)

Auxy 3.5.1 arrived

Not a massive update for Auxy, but it’s always good to see an update, however small. Here’s what’s new:

  • Project export is back, now in the track export menu
  • Long notes can now only be dragged by holding the start of the note
  • An issue where project links would be broken has been fixed
  • An issue where the project list would not be sorted properly has been fixed

Auxy Studio – Music & Beat Maker 3.5 arrives

Auxy 3.5 brings some nice new features. Here’s what’s new:

  • Exporting a project now creates a link that you can easily share and open
  • Project export has been moved to the track export menu
  • Improved performance when browsing projects
  • Added option for sorting projects by creation date
  • Select and edit any note without changing the grid setting
  • New ‘How To’ section with updated tutorials

Auxy 3.4 brings more goodies to an already awesome app

Ok, you can tell (if you didn’t already know) that I like Auxy. I do. It’s pretty awesome, and it keeps on getting better and better. In version 3.4 it does exactly that again. Here’s what’s new:

Now you can:

  • Download all sounds in a project before you buy them
  • Copy and paste notes (see below)
  • Drag sideways to move loops and scenes
  • Play Auxy in the background when using Ableton Link
  • Cruise the feed like a boss with the new tab navigation

To copy and paste notes:

  • Touch and hold the grid to bring up the selection box
  • Drag to select the notes you want to copy
  • Touch and hold an empty spot on the grid to paste

Auxy 3.3 brings us even more

I’m a big fan of Auxy, and 3.3 brings me some features that are real nice to haves. I especially like custom labels for each scene. Nice touch. Here’s all that’s new in 3.3:

  • Solo the current instrument when editing loops
  • Add ‘precision triplets’ using the new grid setting
  • Set a custom label for each scene
  • Set a ‘start offset’ for each scene
  • Easily move loops and scenes
  • Add custom artwork for SoundCloud and video export
  • Get nice file names when exporting MIDI and stems

Auxy 3.2 arrives, some nice new features in here

I’ve been a longtime fan of Auxy and it’s nice to see it keep on improving and developing. Here’s what’s in version 3.2:

  • Loops can now be 8 bars
  • Add up to 16 instruments
  • Hear previews when browsing sounds
  • Redesigned bar indicator lets you quickly navigate in loop edit
  • Set custom label and color for each instrument
  • Added setting for making new loops chromatic

If you haven’t tried Auxy before, now really is the time to jump in.

Auxy is bringing us a new sound pack (on Thursday)


And if it’s anything like as the last two then it’ll be well worth buying. Go take on Thursday, which is when it’s due to land.

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