Aurora Sound Studio HD 1.7 arrives

Whilst this is only a small update it does fix issues with iOS10 and update AudioBus too. Of course Aurura comes from a development shop that made some of the first Windows Mobile music apps, and Aurora HD itself will turn 7 years old in June.

Of course I’d like to see some more functionality come in, I’m sure you can guess the kind of thing, and I’d love to see the iPhone app get updated as well. Who knows. For now I’m just pleased that 4pockets updated this one.

Developer Focus: 4Pockets

4Pockets are the makers of two of the latest applications that I’ve added to my collection of mobile music making software:


and, Audio Box Micro Composer:

The applications are quite different in terms of use and intended market, and it makes me wonder where they’ll go next, if indeed they will, as you never know if a developer will leave the market.

I hope they stay, and I hope that they make more applications for mobile music, even if they don’t, here’s to a couple of good solid applications.

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