Video: zMors EQ vs AUFX PeakQ – which one? – haQ Vlog 93

Video description:

zMors EQ vs AUFX PeakQ, which one should you get? After publishing haQ attaQ 154 featuring zMors EQ, I’ve been asked this question by several people. So I made a detailed vlog where I trying to explain what I choose and why.”

Video published by Jakob Haq.

zMors EQ on the app store:

AUFX PeakQ on the app store:

Video: Voice Synth based vocal track – short vid

Video description:

“All sounds have been processed through Vocal Synth by Qneo. Esspresso by Klevgr and AUFX:PeakQ by Kymatica where also used inside Voice Synth (IAA). The audio was then recorded into Cubasis, no other sounds or fx added.”

Video published by Jakob Haq.

AUFX range coming as Audio Units?

Well so it would seem. According to this tweet anyway …

Of course that would be excellent, but my guess is that there may be a little wait as Mr Liljedahl gets through all the other projects he’s got on the go at the moment.

Kymatica’s AUFX series all get updated

Kymatica brings updates to the entire series of AUFX apps (Dub, Space, PeakQ and Push). Here’s what’s new per app:

All AUFX apps:

  • Less complex and more stable audio engine. Should get rid of crashes when connecting to host
  • Follow hardware/host sample rate without converting
  • Offline rendering from AudioShare now works again
  • Various tweaks and improvements

AUFX: Dub:

  • Sync tempo to IAA host

AUFX: Push:

  • Improved connection logic for side-chain input
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