Video: Elastic Drums & Arturia iSpark & iSEM & Beatstep in AUM (syncing via IAA)

Video description:

“This video demonstrates Elastic Drums improved IAA sync and the debugged and improved Midi features of update 1.7.6 inside Kymatics’s great AUM host app. I had great fun tweaking ED, AUM and the Arturia’s with the Beatstep controller.”

Video published by Oliver Greschke.

Apps used:

Elastic Drums

Video: iSpark Audio Export Tutorial – haQ attaQ 146

Video description:

“A viewer asked, “can we export our layered sounds that we’ve made in Arturia’s iSpark to use in other apps?”. The answer is Yes!. In this video I am demonstrating how to do it!”

Video published by Jakob Haq.

iSpark on the app store:

Video: iSpark Ableton Link

iSpark on the app store:

Video: iSPARK Drum Machine for iPad – NEW App Review A – Intro & Beat Rolling

Video description:

“Now on iPad! This is my review of iSPARK, a port of the popular software / hardware drum machine from Arturia. This is a quick introduction, and I discuss the Roller and Loop functions, which are very good in this app! Definite recommendation for users of newer iPads. (Older 32 bit iPads aren’t supported.)

Sorry about the background noise, this video was not recorded in the studio! You should still be able to get the idea of what it’s like to use iSpark.”

Video published by VJ FRANZ K.

Arturia iSpark on the app store:

Video: iSpark Custom Kits Sample Import – haQ attaQ 125

Video description:

“iSpark is awesome! For me the the best thing with iSpark is the ability to import and layer sounds! This is a tutorial on how to do just that!”

Video published by Jakob Haq.

Arturia’s iSpark on the app store:

Video: Arturia iSpark Ipad music App effects overview sequencer Apple Synth processor demo review

Video description:

“This is a quick overview of all the effects available per channel on Arturia’s new Ipad App, iSpark. This app is really deep and worth picking up at its introduction price of 9.99, I would even pay 20 for it. Great drum sounds, and a wide array of effects that was pretty impressive to me. Check this out and hopefully it is useful to you!!”

Video published by Expanding Sound.

Arturia’s iSpark on the app store (still $9.99):

Just a reminder, that Arturia’s iSpark is half price

But it doesn’t say for how long the intro price will actually last. So if you were planning on getting iSpark then you might want to do it whilst it is still $9.99 (£7.99) and before it goes up to its full normal price.

I thought I should mention it.

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