Arduino day 2016

In case you’re interested, Arduino day this year is on the 2nd of April. It’s usually a good event and some interesting projects come up. The page at the Arduino site has a world map showing where events are taking place, so that’s worth taking a look at.

Handy Arduino cheat sheet

Available as a PDF at the Tech Will Save Us site.


Arduino Simulator for iPhone and iPad

Thanks to Tom for pointing this app, or apps out to me the other day. I’ve been looking for something that simulates the Arduino on iOS for a while, and now there are two apps. One for the iPhone, and the ‘x2’ for the iPad.

I’m going to try out the iPhone one to see what that’s like and get back to you on it.

Arduino Simulator (iPhone)
Arduino Simulator - Schogini Systems

Arduino Simulator (iPad)
Arduino Simulator 2x - Schogini Systems

iPads at the Apple Store