Apollo MIDI over Bluetooth 2.0 arrives and is much improved (and on sale)

Secret Base Design’s Apollo MIDI goes up to version 2.0 with a great update. Here’s what’s new …

Apollo MIDI over Bluetooth 2.0 adds an improved in-app keyboard; you can now configure the keyboard for different scales. On the iPad, there are two separate keyboards, which can be mapped to different MIDI channels.

The app now features sophisticated MIDI routing capabilities, that are useful both with and without a Bluetooth LE MIDI connection. Send MIDI to different destinations filtered by incoming MIDI channel, and remap MIDI channels if needed. MIDI transmission can be controlled controlled in a number of different ways, and the app can handle MIDI routing between apps running on the same device.

Apollo MIDI on the app store, on sale and down from $9.99 to $2.99:

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