Android looks like it could catch up with iOS in the not too distant future

So if you missed it from last week, Android looks like it could be on the verge of catching up, or at least beginning to catch up with iOS with Samsung’s latest Pro Audio SDK. You can find the details here, and there’ll be more next month.

In case you missed it from last week, Samsung have announced a new Pro Audio SDK for Android

It is almost certainly only for Samsung devices, but it looks like a very big step forward for Android. Details and further links here.

Android is going Pro with Zero Latency Audio and MIDI

Whilst there isn’t currently a huge market for music making on Android I think that all of that is about to change. Samsung have just been in touch with me and shared this:

  • The Pro-Audio SDK 2.0 provides low-latency audio and MIDI functionality to Samsung Android devices, and it also has zero-latency Audio/MIDI connections between independent music apps.
  • Soundcamp is a Samsung-developed mobile DAW app that harnesses the full power of the Pro-Audio SDK and can be integrated with multiple 3rd party music apps for up to 8 tracks.

They have already started working with several music app innovators in these areas.

Professional Audio provides the following features:

  • Musical Instrument Creation
  • API for creating professional instrument applications
  • Support for all functions of the JACK Audio Connection Kit


  • Plug-ins for acoustic piano, steel guitar and a standard drum kit
  • Support for USB Audio devices
  • Support for Audio input
  • Usage of the real-time scheduler
  • It can make a connection between apps at the SDK level
  • It is easier to move to other apps and support its remote control

Now this is pretty amazing stuff and has the potential to really change the face of Android music making.

Also, Musical Android picks up on this news too. So Android could really be starting to catch up. I really hope so, it is about time.

Audio Evolution update looking good

GrooveCloud doing some aggressive monkey testing…. getting ready for release!

FL Studio for Android gets a great update

Here’s What’s new for FL Studio Mobile 2.0 for Android

  • Audio Tracks
  • Wave editor
  • Audio Recording
  • Many small tweaks, improvements and bug fixes

Which is great news, and also another signal that Android is starting to get serious.

Musical Android on Audio Evolution and Tone Boosters … Good things happening in Android

This is actually pretty amazing stuff as it goes. I think Android is maybe turning a bit of a corner now and is worth another look?

The piece at Musical Android is about Toneboosters who are porting their VSTs to Android and making them available in Audio Evolution Mobile as IAPs. Pretty impressive I’d say.

If you want to know more then check out the post at Musical Android.

Possibly of use to Android developers?

I was looking around the MIDI site ( for another couple of projects I’m working on and found this page which might be a good resource for any Android developers wanting to get involved in MIDI in their apps.

I thought I’d mention it in case it was handy.

Cross DJ for Android – Now with MIDI control (video)

Changes at Musical Android

So Musical Android is altering its format. Let’s see how that works out. I’m sure it’ll still be a great site no matter what format it takes.

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