On the GrooveCloud blog

You may well remember that GrooveCloud 1.91 now allows users to add their own samples, well if you want a bit more detail than just that it’s worth taking a look at their blog to see the full detail of the update.

Thought I’d mention it.

Well done G-Stomper, 1 million downloads!

That’s some pretty amazing performance for any app, Android or otherwise. Nice one G-Stomper!

Via the ever excellent Musical Android.

GrooveCloud update allows you to use your own samples!


Musical Android on Pd party developments in Android …

And if you’re an Android user then you really want to take a look at this article a video on the Musical Android site about Pd party. Things have really moved forward and it seems that there’s a lot happening in the Pd world and mobile now, especially on Android.

I think I’ll have to take a bit more time over this too.

Phantom Notes – by KAoTiX (video)

Video description:

“uFXloops features a song made by KAoTix, completely produced and recorded with uFXloops: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.ufxmedia.ufxloops
Phantom Notes is a very dynamic song which utilizes 20 different community instruments. Audio visualization has been made with “Audio Glow” for Android.”

Published by ufxloops.

Sugar Bytes Unique on the Samsung S6 (external sequencer) (video)

Video description:

“Monotribe synced to a Korg SQ-1 sequencer, which triggers the Sugar Bytes Unique on the Samsung Galaxy S6.”


Anyone know anything about this on Android? I would’ve thought this was a big thing really.

uFXloops features KAoTiX – Part 1 (video)

Video description:

KAoTiX is a user with incredible skills for song composing.
This video features some selected songs – also showcasing the pattern based work in uFXloops.

Samples attribution
# Creative Commons Attributable Samples
2-oct-a, original Author: kyster, freesound.org
be-kick-001, original Author: sandyrb, freesound.org
crb-snare-001, original Author: sandyrb, freesound.org
guitar-nylon-open-d3, original Author: digifishmusic, freesound.org
guitar-nylon-open-e4, original Author: digifishmusic, freesound.org
2-oct-c, original Author: kyster, freesound.org
2-oct-e, original Author: kyster, freesound.org
guitar-nylon-open-g3, original Author: digifishmusic, freesound.org
guitar-nylon-open-b3, original Author: digifishmusic, freesound.org
crash-2l-ff, original Author: minorr, freesound.org
layered12, original Author: deep into perspectives, freesound.org
simplesaw, original Author: alfa, ufxloops.com
organ3_vib, original Author: mancini, ufxloops.com
be-kick-001, original Author: sandyrb, freesound.org
hh13inkz-blsc-v03, original Author: quartertone, freesound.org
crb-snare-001, original Author: sandyrb, freesound.org
prac-ride-bell-loud, original Author: TicTacShutUp, freesound.org
plucked strings, original Author: mancini, ufxloops.com

This is going to be amazing for Android …


Music Performance using Soundcamp Looper and Gear S2 (video)

Ok, I’m starting to really want to get my hands on this stuff.

Video description:

“Music Performance at IFA 2015 in Berlin using Soundcamp, Samsung’s powerful music creating app, and Samsung Gear S2.

“Tak song”, specially composed for the show, was performed on Soundcamp Looper while its sound effects were controlled by Samsung Gear S2.

“TAK song” was produced for Looper by DJ Tak and performed by DJ Raik.”

Galaxy Gear S2 / Soundcamp Looper controller app (video)

Almost makes me want to get these now!

Video description:

“Soundcamp Looper is a companion app that is exclusive to Soundcamp, Samsung’s powerful music creating application.

With Soundcamp Looper, you can control sound effects without touching your device.

The Soundcamp Looper controller uses hand gestures to control the XY parameters so you can add effects to your music performances by simply moving your Galaxy Gear watch.

Soundcamp Looper also provides three modes for different watch positions: Left wrist, Right wrist and Hand-held.

Simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen to see the options.”

Via the always excellent Musical Android.

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