AmpliTube is on sale as well

IK’s original AmpliTube app is on sale and down from $19.99 to $15.99.


Video: AmpliTube for iOS Multi-track Recording

Video description:

“Simultaneous multi-track recording now available in AmpliTube for iOS – use your iRig Pro Duo or class compliant USB audio interface to record up to 8 channels of audio at the same time.”

Video published by IK Multimedia.

AmpliTube on the app store:


IK Puts most if not all of the Amplitube range on sale

IK are celebrating their 20th anniversary and as such have a lot of offers on right now. It seems that they’ve put most if not all of the Amplitube range on sale at the moment. This includes:

There are probably more too, but that’s a good selection for now.


IK updates the Amplitube line of apps

It looks like IK have updated most if not all of their AmpliTube range of iOS apps. Here’s what’s new:

  • Studio section offers DAW-style cut/copy paste, normalize, punch in/out recording and more (available via in-app purchase)
  • “Cab Room” feature that allows 3D miking of cabinets with up to two mics (available via in-app purchase)
  • 16 high-end studio mics now available via in-app purchase
  • Looper feature (available via in-app purchase)
  • Loop drummer module plays in sync with the recorder
  • UltraTuner available for in-app purchase
  • Added drag and drop stompbox FX placement
  • You can now place 2 FX after the amp for even more sonic possibilities
  • Complete project compatibility between iPhone and iPad AmpliTube versions
  • General reliability improvements

As far as I can see they’ve updated Hendrix, Hendrix for iPad, Slash, Fender, Fender for iPad, and probably more besides.