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I found this by chance, it is a little drum machine for PocketPC. I haven’t tried it out as yet, but it looks fun.

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StyleTap Version 1.0

I got this from StyleTap today:

The official v1.0.001 release of StyleTap Platform is now available! If you purchased a preview copy, you are entitled to a free upgrade to 1.0. (Your existing registration key will work with v1.0) See the Release Notes on the Downloads page for a list of recent changes.

Over the 18 months since we first announced the availability of the preview version, we released 34 separate builds, which were downloaded tens of thousands of times. We added dozens of new features and fixed hundreds of issues.

We’ve been amazed by the rich diversity of Palm OSĀ® applications, the creativity and enthusiasm of end users and the support and co-operation of Palm OS developers. We’re really looking forward to this next stage in the evolution of the StyleTap solution.

Thank you for your interest in StyleTap Platform!

See the news release for the full details…

Excellent news for PocketPC owners.

The price has gone up though, now $49.95 from the $29.95 I paid on the beta programme. Still, I think it is worth the money.

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Computer Music Feature on Mobile Music Making: SSEYO MiniMixa

I have made abortive attempts to get to grips with this app a couple of times, but I’ve never been able to get my head around it. However, the feature in Computer Music has inspired me to give it a go again.

I do like some of the features in the latest version, and it seems to be being actively developed, which is a big boon as far as I’m concerned.

I think that considering the promise of the application it is really worth a go and some serious effort on my part.

I’ll report back on how it all goes.

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PocketMC for PocketPC, Hmmm looks interesting

Well, I was doing a little hunting about for DJ applications for PocketPC, and found this! Interesting, an application I’ve never seen before at all. I shall download it and see what it can do.

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StyleTap on onetonnemusic

One Tonne Music have a good post today on StyleTap which reminded me that I should mention that their site has been updated recently. It looks much better than before, and has a good deal more content. There’s also now more options for downloading as they’ve added a standalone installation app for Mac and Linux which I found really useful.

Having said that StyleTap is still a beta product, and I wonder what more they will add to it to before it finally goes live?

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Milkytracker for PocketPC

I loaded up Milkytracker on my Jornada 568. So far it works like a dream! I also noticed that there’s a version for Windows 95, so I may well try that on my little Libretto 70CT.

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Wow, a new tracker for PocketPC. Or that is new to me anyway. I’ve just downloaded it. I’m looking forward to something new on the PocketPC.

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Matrixsynth: Z4 Music and Griff – Pocket Samplers

Matrixsynth: Z4 Music and Griff – Pocket Samplers

I have to take out some time to do a decent review of Griff, but this is a good start. I never got Z4 Music. Perhaps I’ll get it soon?