Back to my roots …

Windows Mobile App of the day: Sunvox

It isn’t just for iOS, it isn’t just for Android and the desktop, oh no, it still runs on the lovely old Dell Axim and Windows Mobile.

Go take a look ..


Windows Mobile app of the day: Griff (Promo film)

For a variety of reasons I was feeling a bit retro, so I thought I’d show some love for Griff for the ancient Windows Mobile.

Enjoy …

Android on Dell Axim x50v

Android running on Dell Axim x50v with WM5. Following instructions from:

Pocket PC MIDI Controller

I was scouting around for this and just couldn’t believe that the Theresa software for Pocket PC is still around! I’m going to have to give this a try out at some point.

A bit of mobile music history …

I found that I had this old Windows Mobile history. Now to try it out!

Way back in 2007 …

I started a little thing called the Mobile Music Application Directory. Back then it was almost entirely Palm OS and Windows Mobile stuff, with some DS stuff too of course. It just amazes me to think that in 5 years mobile music has moved on to such a huge extent.

Griff (still free and still great)

I’ve posted about this before (ages ago) but every now and then I think it’s worth posting about again. Griff, the mobile music studio for Windows mobile, is free, as in beer, and it’s really worth thinking about as if you’d paid for it back when it wasn’t free you’d have spent a lot of cash.

So, if you have an old Windows Mobile device knocking go can grab Griff as it and all it’s plug ins are now free.

If you don’t have an WinMo device I can recommend a Dell Axim X51 which has always done really well for me.

Dell Axim at eBay

Sunvox+Dell Axim x3+Honeytone Amp

Hmm, quite eerie this one.

Dell Axim x5 + Sunvox 1.7.2 + Korg Mini KP

Quite enjoyed this one, very atmospheric.