Kontrol for Traktor .98 brings watchOS integration

Let’s face it, watchOS integration hasn’t really taken off for music apps. There have been a few, but so far it doesn’t seem to have been a really ‘killer’ feature. Today Kontrol for Traktor adds watchOS

“control Traktor with your Apple Watch – FX, loop controls, hotcues, the crossfader and other functions are now accessible from your wrist”

As I don’t have an Apple Watch I can’t tell you what that means or if it’ll turn out to be an amazing new feature, but I still hope that there will be a ‘wearable to music’ use case that will make real sense.

Meeting Basslet


You may remember the Basslet, it Kickstarted not so long ago raising €599,950! Which is pretty impressive, especially as it is the kind of device that I think really needs to be experienced to be understood. Well I got a brief chance to do just that last week, at the Berlin Pop-Up store in Soho.

And Basslet is fun, I can say that for sure. It’s quite a different experience from any other. Whilst it looks a bit like a watch of course it isn’t, and in some ways that was a bit disconcerting. Having said that, I did find the experience quite unique. Basslet claim that the experience is akin to being by the subwoofer at a gig. I’m not sure I’d go that far, but it is a different and in many ways deeper listening experience. In some ways I found in almost off-putting to be able to feel the bass in just my wrist. I did wonder what it would be like to have one on each wrist. Perhaps that would balance the experience?

Anyway, I can safely say that it works, it is an interesting experience, and whilst not for me personally I think, I can see this having appeal to a lot of people.

Music Performance using Soundcamp Looper and Gear S2 (video)

Ok, I’m starting to really want to get my hands on this stuff.

Video description:

“Music Performance at IFA 2015 in Berlin using Soundcamp, Samsung’s powerful music creating app, and Samsung Gear S2.

“Tak song”, specially composed for the show, was performed on Soundcamp Looper while its sound effects were controlled by Samsung Gear S2.

“TAK song” was produced for Looper by DJ Tak and performed by DJ Raik.”

Galaxy Gear S2 / Soundcamp Looper controller app (video)

Almost makes me want to get these now!

Video description:

“Soundcamp Looper is a companion app that is exclusive to Soundcamp, Samsung’s powerful music creating application.

With Soundcamp Looper, you can control sound effects without touching your device.

The Soundcamp Looper controller uses hand gestures to control the XY parameters so you can add effects to your music performances by simply moving your Galaxy Gear watch.

Soundcamp Looper also provides three modes for different watch positions: Left wrist, Right wrist and Hand-held.

Simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen to see the options.”

Via the always excellent Musical Android.

Sometimes you’ve got the T-Shirt, but this app makes me want to buy the jacket …

I don’t have the jacket, but just taking a look at this app makes me want to get it already. I actually know someone who is in fact testing this out, so I might get a play at some point.

It does look like a lot of fun …

Here’s the app’s description:

The MIDI app allows you to setup a basic musical set which you can easily fiddle with, without having the need to know anything about music. Just open the app and play as you feel it.

To use, first select a section by placing touching one of the red circles above the jacket’s illustration. Each can hold a different sample and volume, that can be selected from a list, and easily activated by pressing play.

Nervs work a bit different. They hold a control grid that you can use to modify the preset effect filters, in order to alter the sample.

MIDI app can become a powerful tool if you add in a MIDI jacket. Just connect your iPad to the MIDI jacket’s WiFi server and start using OSC messages to wirelessly play music on your app. The application is configured to work along with the jacket right out of the box.

The app is free, the jacket, probably not I’m thinking.

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