TrakAx Wavtracks Full Tracks Available

TrakAx has an update on their site about royalty free tracks available for video use (should you want to).

TrakAx Mobile Updated and still for only $19.99

TrakAx has been updated. There’s a new icon to of a graphic of a movie clip and scissors – so when you want to create a video, just click the Movie icon. The application’s been slimmed down, with great improvements in file size – this is especially noticeable in the VGA version, which is now almost 40% smaller. Along with better a/v sync, smoother transitions and some small bug fixes.

With trakAxMobile now only US$19.99, this is the perfect opportunity to get mixing and start sharing your life, on the go!


Discounts at TrakAx

TrakAx have discounts on their Trakpaks until 30.04.

TrakAx Mobile for $19.99

I got the TrakAx newsletter today. Lots of good things in there, not least of which is that TrakAx is currently available for $19.99

Good feedback on TrakAx Mobile

The TrakAx blog has a bunch of comments from various sites (including Palm Sounds of course) on just how good the application is, and at a price of $19.99 you really can’t go wrong in my opinion.

If you haven’t taken a look as yet then you really should.

TrakAx Mobile for VGA now available and price down to $19.99

If you haven’t looked into TrakAx Mobile you should give it some thought. It is probably one of the most innovative Windows Mobile apps I’ve seen in a long time and well worth the money, especially for $19.99

TrakAx Mobile reviews appearing

The TrakAx site has an initial reviews round up post on their blog, including the Palm Sounds videos.

I’ll be doing a more comprehensive review of TrakAx before the end of the year.

TrakAx 2nd experiment

I am really getting to like this application. I made this video using TrakAx mobile. I shot a series of video clips and put them into TrakAx mobile. I added some music made with Griff and then edited the mix in “live” mode on TrakAx. It was really simple to do, and actually a lot of fun.

TrakAx allows you to perform simple editing on the clips, and then create your mix selecting what parts of each clip to include.

I am going to write up a complete review of this application soon with some screenshots and a lot more detail. Until then, I hope you enjoy this little video.

Making Ringtones with TrakAx

Useful post on the TrakAx blog about using trakAx to make ringtones.