TubeMIDI also gets updated

TubeMIDI also gets a similar update. Here’s what’s new in version 1.3:

  • You can download sample projects, and share you projects via Kuuma Server.
  • New play mode added.
  • Numerous bug fixes.

TubeSynth 1.7 is quite interesting

TubeSynth gets an update to version 1.7. Here’s what’s new:

  • sharing Tube data with other iOS platform via server or bonjour.
  • Custom color palette.
  • Phong shader.
  • Naming tubes.

KQ MiniSynth 1.3 adds AU and more

Having just put up that page on Audio Units I noticed that KQ MiniSynth has also been updated (in version 1.3) and now supports Audio Unit hosts. So I need to update that page again!

Anyway, here’s what’s new in KQ MiniSynth:

  • Supports Audio Unit Extension
  • You can send Patches via Mail
  • Presets changed a little
  • Fixed VPF Resonance/Width issue
  • Fixed other bugs

TF7 Synth is the latest app to join the Ableton Link club

TF7 Synth has added Ableton’s Link in version 1.6. Here’s how:

  • To activate : Settings -> Ableton Link -> Switch on Ableton Link and Notifications
  • Sync all bpm-dependent effects/lfos to Linked apps
  • Chaos Arpeggiator is now sync-ed to Link.

Also, see other Link enabled apps by checking the ‘Link‘ page above, which is about to get updated with TF7.

MultitrackStudio for iPad 2.5.2 is here

MultitrackStudio 2.5.2 has arrived. Here’s what’s new:

  • Audio track input selector now has ‘Practice Mode tracks’ option. This records the track which has been switched to practice mode by double-tapping its Play button. Can be used to record output of IAA apps as audio directly, for example.
  • IAA instruments: MIDI channel appears in bottom left corner of screen while touching instrument slot.
  • Fixed: Echo and Phaser effect automation didn’t work right since v2.5. (automation is part of the Pro Extension)
  • Fixed: Convolutor effect’s Random button could cause error under some circumstances.

Audiobus Remote 1.0.5 arrived

If you hadn’t noticed (I posted a video about it yesterday), Audiobus Remote has been updated so that you can now use it on a single device, making it a lot more useful for quite a few people.

MegaCurtisBig 1.1 is here

Having got back into the iOS world here’s an update for MegaCurtisBig only a few days after the app was released. Here’s what’s new:

  • Play the audio wave glissando with touch
  • Optionally scale wave touch to keyboard scale setting
  • Fixes keyboard limit to stay within MIDI range

New WAVE button makes the main wave display playable by simply touching it. New KEYED button will quantise the wave touch note pitch to the scale set on the keyboard.

MegaCurtisBig on the app store:

trigger seq gets on the bus!

I don’t get to say “… is now on the bus” nearly as much as I used to, nor nearly as much as I’d like these days. Which feels like a big of a shame all in all. However, today I can say it, and it feels good!

trigger seq is on the bus now. Good for alejandro for getting it there.

There’s nothing else I can see in this release for trigger seq, but being on the bus is good enough for version 1.2 I think.

trigger seq on the app store:

MIDI Link Sync 1.0.14 is here

MIDI Link Sync is updated. The guys from Coding Cod keep the updates coming on this app. Only 7 days since the last update!

Here’s what’s new …

▪ MIDI » Ableton Link ▪

Responsiveness to incoming tempo changes has been vastly improved. This means that variations in the incoming MIDI tempo will be picked up much faster and the Link timeline will come into sync much faster, too.

▪ Ableton Link » MIDI ▪

The moment you press Start MIDI Clock, it will start sending out MIDI clock ticks. Then it will send out MIDI start when the timeline wraps around. This allows apps such as Samplr to get a head’s up as to what the tempo will be when the timeline actually starts. We’ve noticed that this helps some apps to respond better.

MIDI Link Sync 1.0.11

MIDI Link Sync gets some nice little updates. Here’s what’s new:

Tap » Ableton Link

Tap out a rhythm and MIDI Link Sync will attempt to bring your Ableton Link timeline into sync with both your tempo and downbeat.

Improved MIDI » Ableton Link

Support for Song Position and MIDI continue messages means that in apps such as Cubasis, you can now start anywhere on the timeline and MIDI Link Sync will bring the Ableton Link timeline into sync. Previously you had to start at the beginning of the timeline.

Bug fixes:

  • Improved using MIDI » Link with network MIDI
  • Improved accuracy of MIDI beat detection
  • Fixed problem receiving MIDI clock from Cubasis
  • Better support for multi-part start/stop messages (e.g. DJ Player)

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