I’ve mentioned RandomBus before, but you might want to check it out again now …

You’ve probably heard me talk about my bot RandomBus that tweets random Audiobus set ups on an hourly basis. You may have checked it out and found it amusing, or useful or maybe you’ve never even heard of it.

Well I’ve made it a bit more useful now. RandomBus will now reply to you on twitter if you tweet it. At the moment it has a fairly narrow range of replies, but I think you might find them useful. As this is my first attempt at interactivity with a bot I’ve limited RandomBus’ responses to suggesting apps to you for now. Basically the bot can now suggest an app to you in a variety of categories such as, synth apps, bass apps, drum app, and FX. If you tweet it something it doesn’t understand it’ll let you know too.

So why not give it a try? Just tweet @RandomBus and say “Hello” to it, see what happens next.

As I mentioned, this is a start for adding interactivity to this bot, I’ve got more plans for it, but if you can think of any other interactive elements you think I should add, then please let me know.

loopyapp news

News from loopyapp: Brand new Loopy, real soon! Here’s what’s coming: http://t.co/q8GMhaiM http://t.co/q8GMhaiM Read it on twitter: http://twitter.com/loopyapp/status/215060312624349185 http://twitter.com/loopyapp

Alesis news

News from Alesis: The latest update to @ikmultimedia’s #AmpliTube for #iPad makes it compatible with the @Alesis iO Dock. http://t.co/j1R12lzo #iODock RT! http://t.co/j1R12lzo Read it on twitter: http://twitter.com/Alesis/status/213627132390285313 http://twitter.com/Alesis