Video: A Patterning kit in 7 minutes

Patterning on the app store:

Blocs Wave tutorial videos

All the tutorial videos you could want for the new app from the makers of LaunchPad.

Videos: Wotja, Customising a Noatikl Player, Creating & using Noatikl Custom Backing

Video description:

“Shows how to export a player from Wotja, import it into Noatikl 3, add some delay, lfo modulate it and then export from Noatikl and back into Wotja. Voila! Wotja then plays its melody through a custom Noatikl player and you can export this wotja. With this method you can then use Wotja as a generative music publishing system!”

Video description:

“This video shows how to create a custom Noatikl piece (in Noatikl 3 for iOS) starting from a template illustrating a number of techniques; then to export to clipboard and import into Wotja as a custom Backing; then how to tweet that wotja which can deploy a Wotja Player or not, as required. Finally it shows how that tweeted wotja can be played in Wotja FREE.”

Videos published by Intermorphic.

Wotja on the app store:

Noatikl on the app store:

Arturia’s iSpark … video tutorials … lots of them

Arturia iSpark on the app store:

Video: Let’s Play with Audulus 3 (Patch Design & Commentary)

Video description:

“Audulus 3 is a monstrous modular synth, but it can also be a lot of fun! In this video I attempt to show you how to make a complex patch using simple building blocks. It’s February Album Writing Month, so I’m making a patch that will write a whole album for me. If you enjoyed this please consider supporting this series by sponsoring them on Patreon:

Video published by Tim Webb.

Audulus on the app store:


Video: Tutorial: The Sampler in modstep

Video description:

“Quick intro to the Sampler in modstep. For more info on the Sampler and other features in modstep go here:

Video published by MODSTEP.

MODSTEP on the app store:

Another useful course arrives from Soundfly

I’ve mentioned Soundfly before because of their course on envelopes I think. Well they’ve got a new (and free) course on LFOs and modulation, which I’m sure many will find useful. You can get to it here.

Video: LFO vs OSC? – Basics – haQ attaQ 118

Video description:

“LFO vs OSC, might sound like weird topic but then again, it’s not. These two waveform generators are basically doing the same thing, but at different speeds.”

Video published by Jakob Haq.

Video: Tutorial: Setup Inter-Device Audio for iPhone and iPad

Video description:

“Here is a short tutorial showing you how to setup Inter-Device-Audio on OSX 10.11 with your iPhone or iPad. The feature works only in combination of OSX 10.11 and IOS 9”

Video published by Synth Anatomy.

SoundPrism Link Edition on the app store:

Audulus tips, the first three anyway (on video)

Very handy these are too. I do hope that they keep coming. They’re just bite sized enough to be handy, but not so big that you get lost.

Audulus on the app store: