VividTracker (universal) arrives

Another long awaited app arrives today (or last night to be fair). VividTracker is here, and here is what to expect for your $2.99.

VividTracker is an Amiga Protracker compatible music maker app. You can load, save, edit, and create new ProTracker modules.


  • Compatible with Protracker modules created on the Amiga
  • Supports AudioCopy 2: Import samples from other apps
  • Supports Audiobus: VividTracker can send audio to other apps like GarageBand and Cubasis through Audiobus.
  • Great sample editor, where you can easily set loop points, cut and paste samples, etc.
  • Dropbox sync folder support
  • AutoChord feature
  • Cut, Copy and Paste rows, tracks or full patterns
  • Load modules from other apps such as Mail or Safari
  • Open modules in other apps from VividTracker
  • Email modules
  • MIDI in support

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Bring me some old school mobile music Mr Concreted0g!

And he always delivers …

Milkytracker on a pocket linux device with a hardware keyboard….S’all good

Nitrotracker main interface

I just thought it was worth a photo. If you want to know more about Nitrotracker, the site is still up here.

Nitrotracker for DS

I’m still amazed at how good this homebrew tracker is, and it’s still available too. The site hasn’t been updated since 2010, but it is now open source if anyone wants to do anything with it.


I really must get my head around using Psytexx at some point very soon. It is the one Palm app I just haven’t managed to get into, and I sort of regret it.

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