Thounds, sounds like a great idea

As often happens I only found out about this service from a tweet. Thounds is a beta collaboration service that is developing an iPhone app too. It sounds (Thounds) really interesting.

I’ve emailed them and asked about whether they’ve thought about ioLibrary support in their app. When I hear back I’ll let you know.

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Will ZoozBeat change the face of Music?

According to Atlanta Hip-Hop artist Street Lotto it will! He goes on to say:

“We can create some [music] together. It lets the listener be interactive with the music. Especially at a time like this when you got bloggers that have something to say about everything gone on. … This let’s the consumer do the same with music. It allows them to remix it and do it themselves.”

The ZoozBeat blog has the whole piece.

What do you think?

ZoozBeat at the app store.
ZooZ Mobile Inc.

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New version of ZoozBeat replaces previous ones

ZoozBeat have unveiled the latest version their app. This one replaces all the previous ones and has new features to boot. The downside is that you have to buy the new one as well at £0.59 ($0.99). The new features are:

  • ZOOZbeat Store: Download free beats instantly and buy beats from artists like: Too $hort (coming soon); indie artist like Easy Star All-Stars (reggae); Richard Devine (electronica); Kutiman (funk) and up-and-coming artists like Cato (hip-hop), Midnight Youth (Rock) and Street Lotto (hip-hop).
  • Also coming soon: beats that you can buy from major label artists and personalized your ZOOZbeat experience by buying new instrument packs in the ZOOZbeat Store.
  • Instrument Customization: SWAP out instruments to listen to your tracks in a variety of sounds. Create a personalized set of instruments for each beat. Coming soon: purchase new instrument packs in the ZOOZbeat Store.
  • Share: reCreate a song and share it with the world on the all-new Upload your songs to the web. Listen and rate other Musicians’ songs. Maintain your own ZOOZbeat Artist page to showcase your work to the world, or send your song (.mp3 file) to a friend.
  • Library of Beats: ZOOZbeat includes a library of 11 beats, including: Hip-Hop, Pop, Techno, Rock, Glitch, Salsa and more!
  • Live Streaming: Listen to live streaming of your songs, friends’ songs as well as featured and recent songs shared by ZOOZbeat Musicians from around the world directly on your iPhone or iPod Touch.
  • New Design: new and improved design to enhance your Music reCreation Studio experience.

ZoozBeat are holding the price for the new app at £0.59 until 31st of October.

ZoozBeat at the app store.
ZooZ Mobile Inc.

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SoundCloud group for SoundGrid

Another new iPhone music app related group on SoundCloud. Put your creations from SoundGrid up. Good to see there’s quite a few tracks here too.

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SoundGrid update

I don’t normally post on general app updates anymore, but this upgrade for SoundGrid has lots of good stuff in it too so I thought I’d make an exception.

Redesigned UI and visual effects
To keep UI simple, elegant and attractive for novice users. If you have difficulties placing notes on the grid now you can enable assistance lines to make life easier.

Song Mode
Few people use all eight available patterns because it may be hard to switch them while playing. In Song Mode filled patterns will be automatically activated one after another enabling you to create longer compositions easily. Also now you can touch pattern button twice to switch pattern for all layers at once; or to switch pattern and start from its beginning in song mode.

Switchable musical scales
There are only 16 rows (notes) on the grid and much more keys on piano keyboard. And now you can select set of tones you want to be available on the grid.

Now you can record audio files while playing. Then either easily upload tracks directly to SoundCloud or send by email as is or as ringtone

More and more Sound Banks
Additional sound banks now installable from external servers. Either my official server or your own.

Ratings for shared grids
Many new grids become shared everyday. Now you can rate them and best ones will deservedly be always on top when sorting by rating. New shared grids since last update now marked too.

Other fixes and improvements
Many bugs were fixed and many things made better. One of them is improved (means reduced) latency and UI reaction.

You’ve gotta admit that’s a lot of stuff to go in an update.

SoundGrid at the app store:

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On SoundCloud integration

Thanks to Dave for this comment:

SoundCloud is working on wrappers for lots of different languages/platforms to make it as easy as possible for anyone to integrate and make use of our API. eg. see our Cocoa/iPhone wrapper –

Or our Ruby Gem –

I think it’d be great to see more and more apps integrate to online services and allow sharing of work and sound as much as possible.

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Apps I’d like to see use ioLibrary

I thought I’d put together a list of some of the apps I’d like to see use Amidio’s ioLibrary to share audio data. Here’s my first thoughts:

I think that being able to put little clips of Mujik sound into other tracks would be brilliant, but there’s probably some work to do on Mujik before that’s possible.

Exporting you performances from RJ would be great and give a really interesting sound to music. I’d like to use it for percussion and rhythm tracks.

What can I say, Dr Who sound tracks are possible on the iPhone due to MegaSynth, so I think it is a must to be able to use the sound elsewhere.

Much the same as megasynth.

Great rhythm tracks and sold bass sounds. It makes huge sense to have dopplerpad in the library.

For me I love the experimental nature of Jasuto and for making textures and atmospheres I would love to be able to export and use files in other tracks. Endless possibilities.

NLog makes great sounds, and I think I’d want to be able to use those in any songs I made.

I like Pianofly for soft textures and sweeps and I think it would work well with things like Jasuto too.

It’d be great to get some vocoder samples in that I’d made myself.

Sunvox is going to use ioLibrary I believe, and this along with Hexatone would be great for making backing tracks and the backbone of songs.

I quite like using field recordings inside music, so having FIRe included makes sense for me.

Sound Scope Space
I’m not sure how you’d use this one, but it would be fun if nothing else.

RecTools08 (and RecTools16)
If I could take samples and loops into RecTools08 then I think you’ve got an amazing toolkit to play with. I hope YUDO continue to pursue developing their apps.

Of course, I’d like to add Mixtikl to the list when it is available.

Are there any I’ve missed? Any that you think are top priority?

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