The SoundCloud app gets a good update:

  • New track list reloading, tweetie style (drag the track list down and release to reload the list)
  • A new player has found it’s way into the app, it supports artwork and basic stats
  • You can get track info by clicking/touching on the stats bar
  • Check the comments others left for a track & leave your own!

SoundCloud App at the app store:

Monle supporting Intua’s Pasteboard too

Monle now supports Intua’s pasteboard! Excellent!

Monle at the app store:

monle: Mobile Non-Liner Editor for iPhone

Monle trailer from Ochen K. on Vimeo.

I know I said that I wasn’t going to be able to tell you anything about this until early April, but thanks to the developer I’ve had an early look at the site and the trailer video. I hope you’ll agree that this app is really amazing. Here’s what to expect on the 6th of April:

Monle is a four track, non-linear audio editor for the iPhone and iPod touch. You can record new audio, import prerecorded audio, cut it up, rearrange it, add fades, set volumes, zoom in and out, mix everything down, share audio with other applications, and send the audio wherever you want.

Monle works with all external microphones, both those that plug into the headphone/microphone jack and those that plug into the 30-pin data connector. iPhone users can also record with the iPhone’s internal microphone. Monle records WAVE files with sample rates from 8kHz to 44.1kHz, stereo or mono, in 16-bit. All file formats can be simultaneously mixed and edited together.

With Monle, you can manage recordings, rename and delete audio files, create, save, and open editing sessions, zip and backup sessions, upload and download WAVE files by FTP and local WiFi, and share audio via AudioCopy/AudioPaste.

I think it is going to be hard to wait around for this, but April the 6th will be a good day for mobile music.

Intua Audio Sharing

I got an email from Intua today saying that they’ve set up a google code page for documenting and improving audio data sharing between iPhoneOS applications. They encourage developers to get in touch with them, either by using
the google code page, or by contacting them directly (the main page details this).

The Google Code page is here. They go on to say

We’ve also built a list of compatible audio apps at:
thanks to your various blog posts.

I think this is great news, and I hope that it makes sense for developers.

Audio Sharing Public format?

This comment arrived on the Audio Sharing post:

The Intua code is just a simple copy/paste of audio file, broken-up into chunks. No meta info such as tempo/pitch – so not terribly useful (bit of a missed opportunity!).

Haven’t seen the Sonoma code, as that seems to require signing-up to legals etc., which seems pretty OTT for something so simple.

Seems like we could do with a simple public format. Can’t be that hard – anybody up for a 3rd format? This is as good a place to come-up with one as any. Feel free to pitch in. 😀

All we need is something like this:
– UTF-8 string in bytes (*including* null byte). If this is just null byte, then
– This UTF-8 string contains list of tags in format:
e.g. this (containing sample tags that would be fine to start with IMO):

– remaining bytes: the file data

That is just a quick outline idea… anybody fancy implementing & pasting candidate code?

If developers want to use this post as a place to discuss the issue that’s fine with me.

Another update to Audio Sharing

I’ve just updated the audio sharing post as Amidio have said that Noise IO Pro will support Intua and possibly Sonoma too!

Audio Sharing on the iPhone post.

Update to Audio Sharing post

As there have been a few changes in apps supporting either Intua or Sonoma, or both (I won’t call them standards) I thought I’d update this post on which apps are supporting either or both in some cases.

Audio Sharing on the iPhone post.

Sonoma Wire Works: Apps that work with AudioCopy / AudioPaste

Sonoma publishes a list of all of the apps that cureently work with their copy/paste solution. I think all of these are in my post on Audio Sharing, and I know that there are developers looking to add their apps to the list, so it is an evolving picture.

An update from Sonoma?

I got this comment on the Audio Sharing post:

Hayden from Sonoma here. Just wanted to add that Recorder from Retronyms now supports AudioCopy as well. Also, we are currently working on an update for our AudioCopy/Paste SDK. I won’t say what it does, but it should make things a lot easier for everybody;-)

I’ve no idea what this means, but hopefully something good for all of us.

Audio Sharing on the iPhone

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while now, but everyday the situation gets more complex / interesting. So, here’s my attempt at getting the whole picture on audio sharing on the iPhone OS.


So, sadly we have said goodbye to ioLibrary from Amidio, and I think most of the apps that supported it have now been updated to remove it. The only one I can think of that hasn’t been updated is iSequence which is a great app. Also, Equalizer still supports ioLibrary. Hopefully Apple have enough on their plate with getting rid of lots of other apps to worry about these two.

Of course, it isn’t clear what Amidio will do next. Amidio haven’t said which standard they might support for their own apps in the future, or if they might bring something completely new to the party!

Sonoma Wire Works AudioCopy / Paste

Sonoma Wire Works have had a lot of developers take up their audiocopy / paste standard. The apps that have this functionality are:



I think there was also talk of Bleep!Box going down this route, but no further news has come out. I’m not sure of any others planning the Sonoma way, although Argon developer IceGearMusic has said they are thinking of it. Amidio have now said that they may go down the Sonoma route too with Noise IO Pro, which is excellent news.

Intua’s Pasteboard

Next we have Intua’s new pasteboard standard which only got introduced as a direct result of ioLibrary being removed at Apple’s request. Apps that are supporting Intua’s standard:

Drum Track8

Apps that are planning to support Intua:

NLog, MultiTrack, Noise IO Pro, and possibly InstantBeat

There could be more. If you know of them, or if you’re working on an app that implements either of these standards please get in touch.

It would of course be nice to have a single standard for audio sharing, but I doubt that we will get anything like that for a while. There was talk of some form of common directory being in iPhone OS 3.2 when the iPad comes out, but the noise around that has died down.

Another possible solution would be for a single paste app (like PasteBot for example) to have the ability to hold audio from an app and then paste it out. That would be great too.

There are also a lot of apps out there which haven’t declared any intentions. Apps like RecTools08, Sunvox, Xewton, iShred, Jasuto, PatternMusic, and a host more I’m sure.

So this post is really just the start of where we are with audio sharing. I’m sure that over the next few weeks things will change a lot and more apps will adopt either or both of the standards.

An OS change could alter the situation completely, and who knows how the iPad will change things. It just gets more interesting every day!

UPDATE 24/2/10-2:17pm – Correction MultiTrack will support Intua not Sonoma.

UPDATE 24/2/10-11:48pm – Correction to apps supporting Intua.
UPDATE 10/3/10: Added Noise IO Pro from Amidio.
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