Retronyms Releases Tabletop Modular Audio Environment for iPad

Tabletop is built exclusively for the iPad to be expressive, playable and fun. Both professional artists and those with no knowledge of music production can jump right in and start sketching out ideas or composing entire songs. Electronic musician Paul Salva says, “It took no time at all for me to acclimate. I had literally never touched Tabletop before, and within minutes I had some crazy stuff rocking.” To answer any questions about how the app or any of its devices function, Tabletop comes with a built-in user guide.

Users can expand their studio at any time, buying only the gear they need from a growing catalog. Tabletop is available at launch for a substantially discounted price of $4.99 and includes 9 of 15 available devices:

  • RS3 – Polyphonic Keyboard
  • Gridlok – Touchpad Sampler
  • M8RX – Tone Matrix
  • Filtr LP – Low-Pass Filter Effect
  • SpinBack – Turntable Player
  • Mr. O – Master Output
  • Goblin MX8 – Eight-Channel Mixer
  • T101-Triggerator – Sequencer/Master Controller
  • Recorder M2 – Input Recorder

The following devices not included in the launch special are available as in-app purchases:

  • Ekko – Delay Effect
  • Filtr BP – Band-Pass Filter Effect
  • Verve – Reverb Effect
  • Xpand – Chorus/Flanger Effect
  • Goblin MX4-FX – Four-Channel Mixer with Sends
  • XFade – Crossfading Mixer
  • In addition to the myriad of devices, some of Tabletop’s features include:

Nearly 300 unique sounds including multisample instruments, loops, and phrases. Record sequences, arrange into songs.

  • Adjustable quantization (pre- and post-record)
  • Recordable parameter automation
  • Overdub and replace record modes
  • Trigger sequences and patterns live
  • Sampling via internal mic and line in
  • Adjustable tempo via tap or dial
  • Import/export sounds via iTunes File Transfer
  • Support for imported .mid phrases
  • Undo history
  • 44Khz, studio-quality audio
  • WIST compatibility (Korg’s Wireless Sync-Start Technology)
  • Import sounds from dozens of apps with AudioPaste

The full list of technical specifications is available at Retronyms will continue to add features and devices, and the company plans to work with artists, developers, hardware companies, and producers who would like to contribute additional content. Interested parties should contact for more information.

Tabletop: Available in the App Store for $4.99.
Requires iPad or iPad 2 running iOS 4.2 or higher.

Tabletop by Retronyms at the app store:
TableTop - Retronyms

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SampleTank for iOS announced

A busy day for those people at IKM. They’ve also announced SampleTank for iOS. Here’s what to expect.

SampleTank® for iOS is the mobile version of IK’s SampleTank for Mac and PC, the leading virtual sound workstation for the studio, now available for your favorite iOS mobile device and designed for live performance. It is a 4-part multi-timbral instrument with a sound set of over 1 GB of samples for over 500 acoustic, electric and electronic instruments (including a selection of the best workstation sounds from SampleTank, orchestral sounds from Miroslav Philharmonik and synths sounds from SampleMoog) plus a selection of over 1,000 melodic and rhythmic patterns that span every musical genre. SampleTank for iOS brings the power of the most popular computer sound module – which has appeared in thousands of award winning records from world-class artists – to your iOS device

SampleTank includes 20 studio quality insert effects that can be applied to each individual instrument (up to 4 insert effects per part). These effects continue in the IK tradition started by T-RackS and AmpliTube by providing the best models of classic and modern analog and digital outboard gear: AM Modulation, Auto Pan, Channel Strip, Chorus, Compressor, Crusher, Filter, Flanger, FM Modulation, Guitar Amp, Lo-Fi, Multi Chorus, Overdrive, Parametric EQ, Phaser, Phonograph, Rotary Speaker, Slicer, Tremolo and Wah Wah. SampleTank also includes a master send effect for applying reverb or delay (or both!) to all of your instruments. Choose from Delay, Reverb, Reverb Delay and Spring Reverb.

The SampleTank interface was designed from the ground up for easy, intuitive use on the mobile platform. Four instrument pads allow the user to quickly switch between sounds during live performance and / or layer them for more complex and deep timbres. SampleTank can also be used as a multi-timbral module to playback instruments on 4 channels simultaneously. Single instruments, layers and multi-timbral operation can all be used simultaneously, of course, so you can play back one instrument from a MIDI sequence, play a lead instrument from an external MIDI keyboard and then back it with a lush, layered soundscape from the mini keyboard built right into the app. You can also quickly adjust volume, pan and effect send levels for each instrument all from a single window.

For more advanced users, SampleTank provides an edit mode with all the synthesizer parameters you expect from a professional grade instrument including a highly flexible resonant multimode filter with slopes of 6 – 24 dB per octave, two LFOs, two envelopes and flexible modulation matrix. For live performance controls, SampleTank provides three different windows: 4 Faders, 2 ribbons and an X-Y pad in addition to a pitch and mod wheel.


  • 4-part multi-timbral live sound module
  • 1GB on-board sound library with 500 instruments in 20 categories
  • Huge selection of melodic and rhythmic patterns for accompaniment or groove creation
  • Choose from 20 insert FX with 4 available insert FX per part
  • Master send effect for reverb and delay
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive mobile interface
  • Dedicated performance and editing windows
  • Designed in concert with iRig MIDI interface for iOS devices
  • Free version also available*


  • Compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 4th and 3rg generation, iPad 2 and iPad
  • Compatible with iOS 4.2 and newer

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Electrify to go for iPhone/Touch

ELECTRIFY is now available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, but this is a separate app and not a universal.

ELECTRIFY is a virtual sample based Groovebox for your iPad. It was designed to combine the best features of existing hardware grooveboxes and the ease of use of software applications in one creative touchable app.


  • play loops or oneshot samples
  • 8×8 Pattern Matrix
  • easy to use step sequencer with live recording
  • pattern matrix
  • 2 chainable Effectbuses with 8 Effects
  • EQ and compressor as master effects
  • support for core midi via Camera Connection Kit and Network Midi
  • Professional Sample Library comprising more than 600 high quality samples provided by Mutekki Media.
  • Import your own samples (wav/aif)
  • Loop mode for playing stretched loops
  • Sample editing: truncate, timestretch(pitch) / normalize
  • Copy and Paste to other iPad apps
  • Bounce patterns as wav

For more details on future improvements and development as well as bug fixes see the webpage. ELECTRIFY gets updated and improved frequently so stay tuned for more features to come. Your feedback is appreciated. Please send feature requests, bug reports and everything else you want to say using the contact form on the website.

NOTICE: I recommend you have the latest models of iPhone or iPod Touch for ELECTRIFY to perform proper.

The app is priced at $7.99

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SampleWiz is released

Another one to take off the wait list. There’ll be nothing on it soon. Here are the details of Samplewiz which arrived last night. The first couple of paragraphs of description are a bit emotional from Mr Rudess, so feel free to skip to the feature list.

Jordan says: In creating this instrument I wanted to create something that would appeal to the sonic explorer in all of us. Creating a sampler for iOS devices has allowed us to push the boundaries of traditional sampling instruments. From playing a selection of my signature sounds on the SampleWiz keyboard (JR lead anyone?) to getting up close and personal with sounds by playing directly on the waveform screen, our mission was to blow your mind, put a smile on your face, and expand your creativity. In creating SampleWiz, we have created partnerships with leading sound developers in addition to my personally selected onboard presets.

“Inspiring! Just when you thought nothing could be new in the world of sampling, along comes SampleWiz to fire up the neurons of our creativity in new ways. I love the the new realtime interactive noises I can get by ‘touching the sound’…the crazy and unique stuff you can do with it is really expressive and fresh!” – Eric Persing, Founder of Spectrasonics

“SampleWiz gets you playing instantly, and if you like to sample, there’s no quicker or more fun way to go from recording to playing your own samples. Amazing controls, easy to understand yet deep enough to let you create musical voices! And it comes with a library of great sounds from Jordan Rudess. SampleWiz is a wiz if ever there was!” – David Mash, VP of Technology and Education, Berklee College of Music

We have poured our hearts and minds into this and driven our families, bandmates, and friends insane by sampling everything that moves. I hope you enjoy this very expressive and wild music app creation!

  • Choose from three different sampling modes: classic, granular, and modern.
  • Classic – the traditional method of sampling where the sound will speed up and slow down as you go higher or lower than the recorded pitch.
  • Granular – Wizdom Music’s own take on a granular synthesis engine. Adjust grain size and speed while the entire range of notes maintain the same speed.
  • Modern – explore new sampling possibilities using Dirac technology to allow formants and time to be adjusted automatically over a device-selected range.
  • Up to 10 seconds per sample.
  • Jordan Rudess presets from his private collection.
  • Resample anything that you play on the playing surface to create all new samples derived from your existing presets!
  • Three playing surface modes allow you to play on the keyboard, wave-edit screen, and the ADSR window.
  • Wizdom Music’s Advanced Pitch Rounding for initial attack as well as after a slide.
  • Every note you play is an independent event allowing powerful, expressive control of pitch and amplitude.
  • Finger vibrato effect allows you to achieve vibrato even when pitch lock is activated!
  • Unique visuals for each sampling mode. A glow tracks your fingers and respond to the amount of amplitude of every note you play.
  • Choose from many different scales and customize your own.
  • Play your samples forward or reverse!
  • Looping options include standard looping as well as back-and-forth looping.
  • Allows trimming of samples.
  • Unique visualization of the amplitude envelope on the ADSR page.
  • FX include delay with a choice of tap-tempo, BPM, and seconds control over the rate.
  • Have two keyboards on the screen, each with its own range and scale!
  • Unique hold mode where every held note can be in a different synthesis mode!
  • Share your presets with friends by mailing them as SampleWiz files or standard audio files.
  • Play directly on the waveform and hear the audio that is right under your finger. Slide each finger separately in any direction to change pitch and position in the sample.
  • MAPI AudioCopy/AudioPaste allows sharing of audio with top audio apps.
  • Load your own audio files with iTunes file sharing.
  • Onboard help screens explain every parameter. Touch the question mark to activate.

The app is priced at $9.99.

SampleWiz - Jordan Rudess: Wizdom Music, LLC

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Loopy 2 Press Release

As you know already know Loopy 2 has arrived. Here’s the press release:

Savvy, tactile new iPhone live looper app reinvents the iPhone music making formula

ISLE OF SKYE, Scotland, June 16, 2011

From the software artisans at A Tasty Pixel comes a savvy, sophisticated new iPhone live looping app that combines power with simplicity. A sleek, tactile interface lets anyone create music by layering looped recordings of singing, beatboxing, or playing an instrument. A wealth of rich, expressive features let more advanced users take their creativity even further.

“We looked at the current offering of iPhone loopers, and realised there seemed to be apps that were powerful but hard to use, or easy to use but light on features,” said A Tasty Pixel founder Michael Tyson. “We designed Loopy 2’s interface so it doesn’t have to compromise – it’s fun, right from the start, but packs a punch for advanced users.”

Loopy’s unique approach allows it to maintain an easy-to-use, simple-as-pie interface whilst still packing in powerful, industry-standard features. Users familiar with professional studio applications like Ableton Live will not be disappointed by Loopy’s feature set, which includes overdubbing, merging, panning, time shifting, and live tempo scaling. A sophisticated interactive tutorial system lets users discover Loopy 2’s more advanced features at their own pace.

Loopy 2 empowers musicians and casual users alike to:

Record and Layer:

  • Six tracks, represented by six beautiful circular loops.
  • Count-in and count-out lets you keep your hands free to play an instrument.
  • Overdub, to build beautiful, complex soundscapes from many layers.

Import and Construct:

  • Import loops (AIFF, WAV, MP3 and more) from your computer.
  • Integrated MAPI AudioPaste to bring in audio from other apps.
  • Imported loops are automatically fit to your beat, no matter what tempo.

Manipulate and Tweak:

  • Full stereo audio with pan controls.
  • Drag a track onto another track to merge.
  • Live, dynamic tempo adjustment, without altering the pitch.

Perform and Share:

  • Record whole performances with in-app session recording facilities, and upload straight to SoundCloud, and post to Twitter or Facebook.
  • Email audio clips.
  • Share audio with many other audio apps with MAPI AudioCopy.

Device Requirements:

  • iPhone 3Gs or newer, or 3rd-generation iPod Touch or newer (microphone accessory recommended) running iOS 4.0 or later.
  • Loopy 2 runs on the iPad and iPod Touch, but it is not specifically designed for these devices. iPod Touch users must use Loopy with a headset, as the iPod Touch does not have an inbuilt microphone.

Pricing and Availability: Loopy 2 is available at the special launch price of $2.99 (USD) exclusively through the App Store in the Music category.

A Tasty Pixel specialises in iPhone and Mac apps with beautiful and functional user interfaces – software that works like an extension of oneself, with the charm and elegance that make it a pleasure to use. A Tasty Pixel is the creative expression of a sole developer and his compulsion to find order in the world – not to put things in boxes, but to shape the boxes around the things.

Loopy - A Tasty Pixel

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Ricepad lite arrives

A free version of Ricepad arrives today. Here’s what you get for your money (not that you’ll pay any of course):

Ricepad Lite is a modular environment for portable live music. Check out the videos on the website.

Play, Remix, Filter, Loop, Sample, Resample and Create Sound Sequences

With Ricepad Lite you create music by arranging objects called modules in a single chain. You start from existing sounds, freely available from the constantly updating library, or import them from your computer (Mac/PC/Linux/…), or you can use the microphone(*). Then the combination of modules you compose, divided between audio sources and effects, will manipulate the sound in an unexpectedly great number or ways.

Oriented To Live Music Performances

Ricepad Lite allows you to create music that is immediately listenable to the audience: less editing and much more playing with the quick and simple interface. For example, if you like beat boxing, you can live record yourself through the mic, record a sequence and play it back as a loop, ready to be post processed or resampled, everything in sync with the bpm, e.g. quantized at 1/16. Nearly every interaction can be quantized, even the preview of audio clips when you want to set up a drum kit.

Inspirations On The Go With Your iPhone & iPod Touch

Ricepad Lite has an extensive set of modules and offers many different techniques to create music easily and quickly, leaving room to unleash your creativity. Ricepad Lite is suitable for casual and short plays, as well as for long and more structured live performances.

Check out the main features.


  • simple and original workflow to connect modules – audio sources or effects
  • 16 bit, 44100Hz quality
  • very low latency
  • low CPU consumption, allowing a smooth experience even on older devices
  • built-in library of loops and sample kits
  • constantly updating sound packs, downloadable for free
  • optional temporal quantization of most interactions per module
  • recoverable session (autosave)
  • import/export functions for personal audio files and sessions, supported in three ways including iTunes File Sharing

File Player / Recorder

  • support for a lot of audio formats (wav, aif, mp3, m4a…) with different sample rates
  • loop with programmable parameters
  • set/get cue points for seeking in real time
  • crossfader

Sampler & Resampler

  • loading single files or sample kits (groups of 4 files)
  • live resampling of the currently executing audio
  • live sampling from the mic line with the microphonic variation of the module
  • programmable step sequencer, 1/16 resolution, up to 4 bars
  • live playing/recording of a sequence
  • clip specific parameters: volume, pan, loop mode (none, hold or toggle), reverse, choke group


  • compressor, decimator, dub delay, lowpass and highpass filters, phaser, reverb, ring modulator and wave shaper
  • all with the same XY pad controller interface


  • microphone module (takes the mic line) with crossfader
  • tempo control 60-200 bpm (not dynamically applicable with loops) + metronome
  • peak indicators
  • built-in tutorials
  • built-in manual
  • iPad compatibility in 2x mode
  • plays along with iTunes music
  • …and a lot of fun!

* if your device hasn’t an integrated microphone, you have to connect an external microphone for this function

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Binary Bleeps Sampler: Universal iOS app arrives

 A new sampler app that looks really good, is packed with features and only costs $0.99! Here’s the detail:

Binary Bleeps Sampler is an audio capture and performance instrument with motion controlled pitch, filter, delay, and lo-fi bit crusher effects.

  • Record from the microphone or paste audio from other apps.
  • Play your samples from velocity sensitive pads.
  • Control effects through the motion of your device.
  • Save samples and record performances.

Sampler’s pads are velocity sensitive and trigger samples with very low latency for expressiveness and great playability.

Recording is input sensitive to ensure firm sample start points without further editing. Sensitivity is adjustable to your input source.

The complete effects section is motion controllable. Effect parameters can be assigned to your device’s tilt axes. Sampler comes with a realtime pitch shifter, a resonant lowpass filter, a feedback delay and a lo-fi bit crusher, all of which can be active simultaneously.

Performances can be copied into other apps or transferred to your computer via iTunes file sharing. AudioCopy and AudioPaste are supported.

Sampler comes with quality presets, so you can start making sound instantly.

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Good news for iSample

This in the comments from this post:

As I mentioned at Messe to several people, the advent of CoreMIDI and Audio Copy and Paste, not to mention Multi-Tasking have really added a lot to the iOS platforms potential as a music performance and creation environment. I am currently working on an update to iSample that will include support for these features. Also, I am working on a couple of new apps that will do other interesting things on the iPad. 

I believe this is just the beginning of a new way to perform and create music. 

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SamplerSequencer for iOS

A new sampler app for your iPhone. Here’s what to expect:

“SamplerSequencer” turns your device into a sampler sequencer for professional musicians and composers. Just record a single sound / voice / special effect “LA notes,” using the samplerSequencer audio recording feature (using the internal microphone of the device) or import the sound into the device through synchronization (using the iTunes software for Mac or PC) or using copy / paste using the technology “iTunes File Sharing” and samplerSequencer will create for you the whole scale of sounds and assign them to the virtual keyboard (n octaves) of samplerSequencer, at which point you can record an audio track using the sequencer recording feature of samplerSequencer (the sequencer record for you every note played by you).

SamplerSequencer operates with seven independent sound tracks, each with its own sampled sound (assignable to a track). You can then record a track at a time (using the virtual keyboard or by writing different notes by hand) and then listen all the tracks together using the sequencer play feature.

The sampleSequencer “all tracks view” and “selected track view”, the ability to manually enter a note or put it through the virtual keyboard, the ability to delete unwanted notes through the hash function, to touch a note and change its position, length and the type of the note (note shift), the possibility of including sequencer events such as pitch bending and many other features make samplerSequencer a professional sequencer like the most popular sequencers for Mac or PC.

The software is able to read the common audio files (WAV, MP3, CAF, etc. …) so you can create your own sound (you only need one audio file) using standard wave editor for Mac or PC and samplerSequencer will create automatically for you the musical instrument. You can also import a song from the iTunes library on the device and by controlling “SAMPLE START POSITION” you can select a sound by extracting it from the same song: samplerSequencer will automatically create the complete musical instrument for you.

You can import a song from iTunes and assign it to a track, and using the other tracks you can play your track over the imported song… the sequencer will play the song combined with your sound tracks.

With samplerSequencer you will have in your pocket the smallest sampler and sequencer that exists!


  • Import any sound and samplerSequencer generates for you the entire scale of sounds (n octaves)
  • Storing infinite sound samples using the archive of sound (“Samples Archive”) of samplerSequencer
  • Virtual Keyboard
  • Control for increase / decrease the keyboard octave (usable in real time)
  • “Bending control” to change the sound in real time
  • “Sample Start Position” control: you can remove the initial part of a sample (ex. silence) by specifying the start time instant of the sample (CUT FEATURE)
  • “Sustain Pedal” control
  • Multi keyboard voices (64 entries)
  • Default “GRAND PIANO”sample
  • Possibility of “registration” of musical patterns during live performances: enabling the recording, samplerSequencer record to an audio file the music played with the keyboard by the user (pressing a key on the keyboard to play, after registration, your live performance)
  • sequencer with 7 independent tracks (you can assign to each track a different sampled sound)
  • MUTE function to turn off unwanted tracks (PLAY MUTE feature)
  • Independent VOLUME for each track (SEQUENCER MIXER)
  • Function touches a note and change its parameters of position, duration, and type of the note
  • Function touch / drag to remove one or more notes
  • Function touch / drag to remove unwanted events (pitch bending etc…)
  • Metronome

The app is priced at $4.99

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Beat Twirl for iOS

Meant to post this a few days ago! Thanks to all the people who’ve tweeted me about it. Looks and sounds like a great app. Here are the details.

Beat Twirl is a “beat slicer” app. The app lets you analyze existing sounds and detect their rhythm with its note onset algorithms. With Beat Twirl you can work with drum loops and rhythm patterns, easily enhancing them with additional percussion sound, or create new patterns.

With Beat Twirl you can:

  • Change the tempo (time) of drum loops without changing the pitch.
  • Analyze percussion patterns and find the underlying timing.
  • Mix-in additional percussion sounds, or replace the original sounds
  • Export single beats from a sound file.

How to use Beat Twirl?

  • You can record yourself singing or clapping a rhythm, than add percussion instruments to the rhythm you created.
  • You can extract a rhythmic/percussive section from a song and convert it to a loop you can play along with at different tempos.
  • Mix-in percussion instruments to a song to enhance its’ rhythm.
  • Extract beat samples from a song for use with a beat sequencer.


  • Import audio from your ipod library, using iTunes file sharing or using audio copy/paste from supporting applications.
  • Record using an external mic or the built in mic.
  • Universal app. UI designed iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Supports retina displays.
  • Two spectrum based note onset detection algorithms.
  • Manual slicing capabilities on top of the automated algorithm.
  • Mix in percussion beats from a library of 300 samples.
  • Export audio as wav, caf or aac. Export using audio copy, iTunes files sharing or email. 

The app is priced at $9.99

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