New version of BeatMaker soon.

As I’m sure lots of people have noticed there’s a new version of Intua’s BeatMaker app on the way.

November 14th 2008: BeatMaker 1.3 update to be released soon

During the past months, Intua has been working very hard to bring a new BeatMaker update that would go much further than the latest 1.0.2 version. Today, Intua is happy to announce the feature listing of the upcoming 1.3 update, which should hit the App Store very soon from now. This update will be free for current BeatMaker owners.

Here is a quick listing of what you will see in this new version:

  • New step sequencer
  • Patterns can now be up to 4 bars long
  • Step resolution: patterns can now be edited with a resolution of up to 1/64T, making possible the creation of more complex and richer patterns.
  • Two new editors: Pitch and Pan editing by steps. The pitch editor brings you the capability to compose complete melodies from just one sample, as you would do with a synthesizer or keyboard sampler.
  • New pattern preview bar for easy lookup and navigation
  • Improved song sequencer:
  • Each pattern placed on the timeline can now be resized
  • Insert and remove bars on the timeline
  • Zoom In and Out for faster navigation and editing
  • Dynamic access bar to quickly go to different song parts
  • Audio recording: record samples directly from the iPhone built-in microphone or headset (also works on iPod Touch 2nd generation with headset). With the wave editor, select the start and stop position and automatically assign your new recording to pads.
  • Record sounds anywhere and use them instantly in your composition !
  • Whole new pad edition screen for quicker and easier access to pad settings
  • Improved wave editor with zooming capabilitiesNew Cross Controller allows you to change live multiple effects and sound parameters. Choose any combination of sample and effect parameters available in BeatMaker and manipulate them live in quick or full screen mode
  • New Moog-like filter effect with Low-pass, High-pass, Band-pass, frequency and resonance support.
  • Improved Delay effect with dotted and triplet rhythm support
  • Signature support: change your song signature to 3/4, 4/4, 5/4 or 6/4
  • Interface rotates automatically depending on the device horizontal position

And much more…
What I was hoping for was some form of integration with Noise IO synth, but perhaps that’s in the ‘and much more’. I can hope.

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BeatMaker at the iTunes App Store

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BeatMaker 1.0 Released

I got the email from Intua about BeatMaker. I does look good you have to admit it. Lots of people will be posting on this soon I guess. Here’s what their email says:

BeatMaker introduces a new generation of pocket-sized music creation studio.
Inspired by professional drum machines, samplers and sequencers, it combines them into an easy to use, all-in-one inspirational instrument.

Using BeatMaker creative tools, you can compose, record, arrange, and tweak live your ideas into a complete song, ready to be shared with others.

BaetMaker 1.0 features:

– 16 Sample Trigger pads with individual controls for:

– Volume, Mute and Reverse playback
– Automatic and manual sample duration settings and tonality control
– Channel routing (Main, FX channels)
– Edit samples start/end positions with the wave editor
– Individual sample loading on each pad, auto-chop samples
– Edit multiple controls at once with handful selection tool
– Instant sample muting and reversing modes

– Step sequencer with velocity and groove editors
– Live sequencing of sample trigger
– Unlimited patterns creation
– Velocity and groove editors

– Song sequencer
– Sequencing of patterns on the song timeline, live
– Time-line, loop, tempo and playback control via foldable transport bar
– Suited for live performances !

– Live pattern recording
– Tap the trigger and record to a new pattern
– Create an unlimited number of recoding patterns
– Quantization

– Two effects channels, each one containing 3 FX racks:
– Synchronized Delay
– 3-Band Equalizer
– Bit-Crusher

– Share your audio material from and to your computer with BeatPack

– Home
– Load & Save controls (Kits & Projects)
– Song export to audio file
– Inline documentation
– Intua RSS viewer
– Kit description pannel
– BeatPack servers configuration

– Shipped with an initial soundbank
– Intua soundbank containing with various styles: Hip-Hop, Electronica, Drum’n’Bass, Techno, Funk, …
– Exclusive artists kits: JacquePolynice, Richard Devine, Man Parrish, Rafiralfiro, …

This release of BeatMaker will be followed by BeatPack, a free MacOSX/Windows tool which enables you to create kits easily and share your audio material with BeatMaker. We will keep your updated on its upcoming release.

We wish you creative moments using BeatMaker, and most importantly, to have fun making music !

The Basics: Sampling

Sampling applications are quite common on all platforms these days. Of course there are a wide variety of applications available but few will do all the things you want in one place.

First off there are lots of voice recording applications. There’s nothing wrong with these apps, but of course they do very little in terms of sampling.

Palm OS
On the Palm side there are only a small number of actual audio editing applications. My favourite is Wave Edit Pro, and of course the enterprise edition of the same app.

Wave Edit Pro is an excellent recorder and editor. It offers no plug ins or effects, but is very good at cutting and pasting sample data directly on a Palm device. Also, it has one benefit over other applications in that you can paste sample data from one sample into another.

Aside from Wave Edit Pro the best application for sample editing and manipulation is Bhajis Loops. Of course there’s plenty of information on this blog about Bhajis Loops and on the chocopoolp site too.

However, the notable information in terms of sample editing is that you can do almost anything using Bhajis loops when it come to samples.

Windows Mobile
In terms of windows mobile applications, again there are lots and lots of audio recorders available, but fewer sample editors. There is one application like Wave Edit Pro called Pocket Mixer, which I have never tried personally but looks really good.. There are of course lots of applications that work with sample data:

4Pockets make the awsome MeTeoR (Multi-Track Recorder) application, which is one of the best audio applications for PDAs anywhere. 4Pockets also make the AudioBox Micro Composer, which has an onboard sampler.

Griff too has a sampler, as does Syntrax, although Syntrax has really amazing sample manipulation features. Mixx Mobile is also worth a look at.

Other Platforms
Syntrax is available for Symbian devices as well as PocketPC, but aside from that I know very little

DS Protein Scratch app update

Here’s the latest on the DScratch module, and it looks excellent!

PocketMC 2.0

I have posted on this app before and gave it a quick try out on my old Jornada 568, but I couldn’t get the hang of it. I was wondering if I should give it a go again, but I’m not sure. I’ve added it to the application directory for completeness, but I’d be interested in what other people think of it too…

I’d be interested to know if anyone has any experience with this app?

On the CoyoteFlux there some useful bullet point information about the app:

  • Echo with variable length and Flanger
  • Programmable slicer (this feature uses 16 switches, any of the switches can be either enabled or disabled to quickly turn the sound on and off during a period of 1-2 seconds)
  • Real time reverse (constantly plays seconds of audio in reverse)
  • Variable long echo mode to create an echo that continues almost eternally
  • Variable quantizer to remove 1-15 bits from the sound output
  • Variable pitch bender to pitch the sound input up or down
  • Variable modulated pitcher – Variable noise gate
  • Variable downsampler (allows the sound to be played at lower frequencies to make it sound like an old radio)
  • Variable output gain (to increase/decrease the output volume)
  • 10 Presets with save function – Recording mode to record the sound input with any amount of special effects. Since the .WAV format is used for recording, the output files can be loaded with any sample editor or audio player.
  • Any recorded file can be played back using different modes. It is possible to play them through the effects unit and they can also be mixed with the microphone input – Ten different file slots per storage medium
  • Mute mode (to disable the sound output instantly)
  • Monitor mode (to disable all the special effects instantly)
  • Easy to use graphical interface

Audio Box Micro Composer: First Steps – Sequencing

This morning I played with more of the sequencer functions of Audio Box, which is actually very flexible when you get under the covers. You can not only copy and paste bars but notes and individual phrases too, which is really handy.

Audio Box Micro Composer: First Steps

I’ve been checking out Audio Box Micro Composer. I have to say that I am really impressed by synthesis and automation, it is a really powerful application for creating interesting sounds. Patches can all be saved obviously, and the parameters can be automated.

I often find it difficult moving to a different way of working with new software, but I’m getting to grips with Audio Box, and I think it is going to be really worth it.

Matrixsynth: Z4 Music and Griff – Pocket Samplers

Matrixsynth: Z4 Music and Griff – Pocket Samplers

I have to take out some time to do a decent review of Griff, but this is a good start. I never got Z4 Music. Perhaps I’ll get it soon?