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More about Griff …

Having posted on the Griff Network MIDI plugin I realised that I haven’t posted on Griff itself. So, for starters here’s a good review.

More on Griff soon …

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A good Bhajis Loops review at Socket blog

I liked this review of Bhajis Loops. I found it quite interesting to read.

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Tim Cole’s Boss Micro BR Review

Thanks to Tim (of miniMixa fame) for this excellent review. I’ve been wondering about getting one of these to replace my Zoom PS04. Not sure now though.

Maybe I should wait until they’ve ironed out some of the issues with it, especially the file format.

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Z4 Music: Mini Review

Whilst this is a good little app for mucking about with sequencing, the issue I have with it is just that. It is a good app for mucking about with. I can see it being fun if you are not big into music, or just want to play around. However, if you are more serious about handheld music making this won’t get you far.

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Matrixsynth: Z4 Music and Griff – Pocket Samplers

Matrixsynth: Z4 Music and Griff – Pocket Samplers

I have to take out some time to do a decent review of Griff, but this is a good start. I never got Z4 Music. Perhaps I’ll get it soon?

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Good BeatPad 1.1 Review

A nice review of the latest version of Beatpad I found whilst trawling…

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BeatPad 1.1 Review

BeatPad was one of the first pieces of musical software I purchased for the palm platform. I used it on my first palm, a IIIx which I personally upgraded to 8mb, but that’s another story. At the time, I thought it was totally amazing, which in fact it is still, it has just got better and better. In many ways it hasn’t changed very much, but from a different perspective it has changed vastly.

Essentially BeatPad is a simple sequencer for the palm. It has a single monophonic music sequence and a drum pattern editor. It arranges patterns into four banks, A through D, and each bank has 8 patterns in it.

In version 1.1 you can tell the app to move from one pattern to the next, but you can’t give it specific instructions like “A1 four times, then A2 etc”. I’m sure that this sort of thing will come in a later version. For now you can tell it to play the patterns in order, and that’s fine. You can copy patterns too.

Within each pattern you can adjust parameters for each note in the pattern, such as velocity, duration, pitch etc, and you can choose instruments for your tracks too.

It isn’t going to make you a pop star, but it is good fun with a very interesting interface, and combined with SoundPad it is a powerful combination.