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PSPSeq 2.10

Ethan Bordeaux has just released a new version of this nifty program. Updates are:

– Automated interpolation of synthesis parameters
– More track copying options to simplify and speed composing music
– Button combos enabling instant solo/unmute of all tracks, copy/paste of synthesis parameters, and removal of hits in a track
– Automated shifting of hits in a track for easy echo effects and arpeggiation
– Ability to record to ms0:/PSP/MUSIC directory for playback of loops and songs outside of PSPSeq
– More visualization modes and new visualization controls
– Access to time, battery life and available flash memory within PSPSeq
– New features for using PSPSeq in live environments
– Optimized WAV file playback
– Other minor bug fixes and optimizations to screen and audio rendering
– Many new sample songs and loops

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MilkyTracker for PSP released!

How did I miss that then!

What with this and PSP Rhythm, the PSP is fast becoming an interesting platform.

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PSP Rhythm 7.0 in action!

I found this clip on YouTube. I think it gives a nice little demo of what PSP Rhythm can do.

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PSP Rhythm 7.0

I haven’t had a look at this for a long time now, mainly due to the fact that I don’t own a PSP. However, it looks like PSP Rhythm has really moved on in a big way.

PSP Rhythm 7.0 is a complete music workstation in the palm of your hand. PSP Rhythm features include sample playback, sample manipulation, audio effects, grid sequencer, and song arranger. PSP Rhythm enables you to take audio samples, arrange them, effect them, and record your songs to CD quality audio files.

Major Improvements for version 7.0:

– Wave Table Synthesizer (with user defined oscillator)
– Sample Volume Envelope
– Improved Audio Engine
– Song files have replaced bank files
– Improved file user interface

Inspired by classic drum machines, synthesizers, samplers, and modern audio software, PSP Rhythm is a portable music studio which fuses old and new ideas.

The heart of PSP Rhythm is its sample based playback engine. The playback engine enables you to chop and pitch-shift any sound. Every sampled sound also runs through an individual volume envelope which enables you to alter the attack or decay of the sound. Samples can then be modified with effects such as distortion, slicer, delay, time-stretch, high/low pass filter, and monophonic sample mode.

The on board Bass-line synth in PSP Rhythm is similar to the classic Roland TB-303. TB-303 style features such as Accent and Slide are available. The real-time control of the cutoff and resonance give you that authentic “Acid” sound that made the TB-303 Bass-line synth so famous.

The newest audio tool introduced in PSP Rhythm version 7.0 is the Wave Synth. The Wave Synth uses the basic building blocks of subtractive synthesis with the ability to use any sampled audio source as a digital oscillator.

PSP Rhythm can simultaneously sequence 15 samples or 15 wave synths and 1 Bass-line synth. Sounds are grouped into patterns, patterns can be expanded into songs, and songs can be recorded to CD quality PCM wave format and exported to general midi. Songs can now be loaded and saved per song file which enables you to save and back-up your data as much as you wish.

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PSP Rhythm 6.0

Homebrew music making for the PSP seems to be in good hands. I found out about this update in the current issue of Computer Music (104). If I had a PSP I’d download it for sure.

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Music thing: PSPKick: Homebrew drum machine for PSP

Music thing: PSPKick: Homebrew drum machine for PSP

Now that is cool. I like the look of the PSP, but I couldn’t buy one on account I have no real use for it. Perhaps I will do at some point?