Little GP Tracker coming to PSP?

Thanks to Laurence for this news. The developer of littlegptracker for the gamepark handhelds is going to attempt a port to the sony psp. There is a hardware fund set up on fundable.

It would be great to see more apps porting from one platform to another, like this one and also Mixtikl too.

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PSPSeq 3.01 Released

A new version (3.01) of PSPSeq is out. Here are the details:

Key features of PSPSeq:
– up to 16 independent audio tracks per song
– a wide variety of synthesizers from traditional virtual analog and FM to Karplus-Strong
and unique digital oscillators with parameter controls rarely seen in commercial synths
– WAV file playback with looping, pitch shift, and configurable start/end points
– many FX algorithms from digital filters and waveshapers to bitmasks and decimation
– all synthesizer parameters can be set to unique values on a per-step basis
– step sequencer with configurable step length, swing, highly accurate BPM, and tap tempo
– probabilistic sequencing: the decision to retrigger to be based on a 0-100% probability
rather than a boolean yes/no operation
– song sequencing with 100 different loops per song, 1000 measures per song, and loop
repeat capability
– load and save of synthesizer presets between songs
– record loops and songs to WAV

Some of the improvements over PSPSeq 3.00 include:

– added 3.xx build for direct 3.xx compatibilty
– fixed pitch bend to work for both higher and lower frequencies
– added support for reporting memory for > 4GB memory sticks
– fixed bug with accessing menus in SONG mode
– fixed bug in BFM modulator generator
– fixed bug in clearing steps in a loop
– fixed bug in displaying VOL data in EDIT SYNTH menus
– fixed bug in copying N and WAV parameters in TRACK menu
– fixed bug in SHIFT TRACK when shift values was > 32
– changing control-only step vs “normal” step doesn’t quickly toggle in sequencer

PSPSeq 3.0 Released (via CDM)

CDM reports that the latest version of PSP Seq is now available. Featuring:

  • Synthesizer presets
  • 7 MB sample memory
  • FM feedback with configurable routing (nice)
  • Shortcuts and workflow improvements
  • Randomization with various controls (range, etc.)
  • Looping improvements
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PSP Rhythm 8 Announced

Just got this from PSP Rhythm:

The PSP RHYTHM development team is proud to announce the release of RHYTHM version 8. RHYTHM version 8 has been in
development for over one year. We have rebuilt the audio engine from the ground up, making many improvements. The
User Interface and controls have also been completely redesigned to streamline the music making process. Virtually every feature of RHYTHM has been improved upon.

-PSP Rhythm Team


– New Easy to Use Interface
– 32 Step Patterns
– 6 Octave Piano Roll
– Synthesizer and Loop modes
– Waveform display with ADSR Envelope
– More Patterns
– More Song Steps


Commercial Video

Screen Shot

Windows Install

Manual Install

Rhythm 8.0 Demo Songs

PSPseq 3.0 is coming

A new thread, on the group about the next version of PSP Seq, moving up to v3 soon.

I think I’ll need to keep a bit more of an eye on the PSP stuff.

Traxxpad review

If you were considering TraxxPad for the PSP, read this review before you do. It certainly goes into plenty of depth. Well worth a read.

More on new PSP

A video on the new slimmer PSP care of T3 magazine.

New PSP coming soon?

This story says that Sony have a new PSP coming out. This could be good for products like Traxxpad.

Traxxpad for PSP!

Well this looks like an interesting application for the PSP. So far the PSP has mainly supported homebrew music applications (to the best of my knowledge), but now comes Traxxpad a studio type application for PSP, and it looks really interesting.

Traxxpad, is an application which transforms the PSP into a music studio. You can create, mix and sample tracks on the go with your PSP.

Traxxpad blends the power of sequencers, drum machines, and keyboards while simultaneously making the equipment easy to use and accessible, allowing anyone to create, mix and sample their own tracks at home or on-the-go. Music making can be as fun and easy as simply pressing buttons, or as in-depth and detailed as the user wants make it.

Equipped with over 1000 stock sounds, the extensive sound library ensures that there is always variety to choose from. Traxxpad can also be utilized as a Sampler, utilizing the PSP system microphone. Sample anything, anywhere, and then use the wave editor to trim, adjust gain, normalize or reverse the recording. Most importantly, Traxxpad allows users to export their songs to mp3 files, enabling production to be as easy as burning to a disc or transferring to your MP3 player.

Of course, now I’m wondering if I can justify getting myself a PSP!

If you’ve had a chance to play with this or know someone who has, please do get in touch with reviews.

PSPSeq 2.10

Ethan Bordeaux has just released a new version of this nifty program. Updates are:

  • Automated interpolation of synthesis parameters
  • More track copying options to simplify and speed composing music
  • Button combos enabling instant solo/unmute of all tracks, copy/paste of synthesis parameters, and removal of hits in a track
  • Automated shifting of hits in a track for easy echo effects and arpeggiation
  • Ability to record to ms0:/PSP/MUSIC directory for playback of loops and songs outside of PSPSeq
  • More visualization modes and new visualization controls
  • Access to time, battery life and available flash memory within PSPSeq
  • New features for using PSPSeq in live environments
  • Optimized WAV file playback
  • Other minor bug fixes and optimizations to screen and audio rendering
  • Many new sample songs and loops
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