100% Beaterator 100% Synth – Week 6 – Royalty Free Electronica


“This track was created with Beaterator for PSP and Playstation Vita. This time i experimented with making a track using no samples, only synths, comparable to using Korg Ds10 but with much more polyphony, patterns and effects. The only problem i found was running into the limit for the number of patterns in a song, you can see where it stops scrolling at the end of the video. Beaterator also has a realtime trigger mode like Korg Ds10 which would be a way round this but i haven’t really tried it yet.

Right, so here’s the idea. Trying to write, upload and give away a fresh piece of music on a roughly weekly basis. Will i be able to keep it up? Will i run out of ideas? Can i be bothered? How shoddy will they be? Does anybody care? God knows. But that’s the point.

Basically the idea is to flex my musical muscles a bit. I have collected quite a bit of gear over the years and not much of it is getting used as much as i’d like, so this is my attempt to justify all those purchases whilst practising improving and getting ideas down fast as an antidote to procrastination. “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” as Picasso once said.

Royalty free for you to use for whatever under the creative commons license. Just rip the audio out of the video for now, i’ll get these tracks uploaded to a dropbox account when i get my act together. Let me know if you use it, i’d be stoked.”

I liked the idea of Beaterator, but when it came to iOS it was completely wrong and not at all like the PSP version, which was a real shame.

PSP Emulator for Android! So why am I interested?

Good question, and simple answer, to use (try to use) those PSP apps I’ve never had a chance of playing with because it never seemed to make sense to buy a PSP just for those few.

Could PlayStation Vita be a viable mobile music platform?

The hardware is pretty impressive and could be quite amazing if coupled with the right music creation software, but the big question is whether or not Sony has the appetite to open up this platform to developers in the same way as Apple and Google have done.

My personal view is that if they did and if the terms and tools were workable it could compete, but of course it would be up to developers to work out if it was viable for them and their existing code.

What do you think?

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PSP Go is going?

I’ve been reading about this in various places. I’d always heard that the PSP Go was nowhere near as good as the original PSP, which did have a few homebrew music apps available for it.

Anyway, it is a shame.

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New PSP and Playstation Phone coming (again)

Mashable reports on Sony to unveil a new PSP and a Playstation Phone later this month. As far as music is concerned it has been a while since anything new came along for the PSP which is a shame really as there have been some really good applications for the PSP, not least Beaterator (awful on iOS though).

More at Mashable.

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More PSP Phone Rumours

Given the comments from yesterday I thought twice about posting this, but I know it will be of interest to a few.

So, a PSP Phone announcement on the 9th of December? Read more at MobileCrunch.

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Playstation Phone in Feb?

More rumours about this alleged device which doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense to me, nor the writer of this post at MobileCrunch.

I just don’t get why they’d make a phone out of the PSP/PSPGo and run Android on it. The PSP had the potential to be a really interesting mobile music platform, but I think that it lost so much ground to iOS and Android that it will have an immense job to catch up.

Personally I like the idea of multiple platforms, which is why I post stuff about these devices. I don’t think it is good to have a market completely dominated by one OS.

Although for mobile music, that’s pretty much what we have.

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PSP Phone?

Is this for real? It just doesn’t look right to me.

A number of sites have been talking about it including Mashable, but I’m not sure.

What do you think?

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PSP Go price cut

This probably doesn’t sound like mobile news, but there used to be quite a few good homebrew PSP apps and a few mainstream ones too. Beaterator for example which got a terrible port to iOS and never worked there.

Anyway. Mashable writes about the PSP Go dropping in price by $50 which might prompt a few, but it made me wonder what Sony is going to do in the tablet war?

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Sony to bring out an iPad Competitor?

Brighthand has this report on Sony potentially bringing out the long awaited PSP phone and also the possibility of an iPad competitor product too, and according to Brighthand, both in 2010.

If they’re right it’ll be an interesting year.