From the maker of AC Sabre comes AC Central: Bluetooth MIDI & AC Sabre Auto-Connect

AC Sabre developer Hari is a good friend and a very talented and creative musician and coder. Having created AC Sabre (and brought the 1.1 update too), and now there’s AC Central to help you get the Sabre up and running.

AC Central is a free auto-connection hub for the AC Sabre Motion MIDI Instrument (iPhone/iPod) and Bluetooth MIDI hardware. AC Central takes the hassle out of getting connected to your favourite synthesizers, samples and other sound machines. Plus, combined with Audiobus 3 (separate purchase, well worth it!), you can save and recall your complex multi-app setups and MIDI mappings with the touch of a button…


  • Zero-config, auto-connects to AC Sabre and compatible BT midi hardware
  • Full Audiobus 3 support
  • AB3 State Saving of settings from local synths’ *and* remotely connected AC Sabre’s
  • Multiple inputs and outputs
  • Works with built-in CoreMIDI if you don’t have Audiobus 3

AC Central is free on the app store now:

AC Sabre is on sale too and half price: