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This is the R&D page from miniMusic. It has been there for a while, but every now and then I visit to see if there’s any change. I love these ideas, I think they are fantastic and inspired. It would be wonderful to see them on a palm device. Who knows, one day.

Anyway, visit the site, here’s what it says anyway…

Whistle & Hum

What would be the easiest way to keep track of your musical ideas, the quicklest way to jot down a tune that springs into your head? Whistle it! Hum it! and have that translated into a score where you can noodle around with it. Maybe you hummed it out of tune? Well, just select it and transpose on your PDA and start working on the harmony. The ‘whislte & hum’ technology is based on an optimized, quick and dirty (and small) realization of pitch recognition and quantizing. By next year, as the hardware becomes available, you could be whistling your voice leading homework, or humming the trumpet’s solo in the 83rd measure of that overture you’re writing for the new Spielberg film.


IMP stands for Improvistational Music Program, and is quite a little devil. This software uses various neural network simulations to invent music as it goes along. Using parameters that you assign, and seed material, IMP will begin exploring the musical landscape that you’ve placed it in. This can simply replace your walkman, or can be a tool to create variations and random material for you to use in composition. Set IMP to compose to a file so that you can drop the passages you like into the miniMusic NotePad and begin building your score.


I like the look of PocketBeat. it has a nice feel to it and I like the idea. But I never play live enough for it to be worth buying. I like the idea of a palm based drum machine, but again, I don’t need another one as I already have three that’ll do the job.

Having said all of that I like the functionality of PocketBeat, I can imagine it in action and it being really useful. I just wish I had a use for it.

A bhajis loops wishlist

I thought I’d put together a list of the things I’d love to see in Bhajis Loops. Stuff I think would be wonderful if it made it into a new version. I know that there’s little or no chance of that as development has mostly finished. Even so, it is worth stating these ideas.

– Audio support : I’d love to have support for maybe one or two audio channels alongside the sampled instruments. I’d even considere upgrading to a LifeDrive to support audio

  • Synth plugins : Having the ability to use FM synthesis plugins to create instruments
  • Pre-Fade send
  • More effect plugins
  • A desktop tool (for Mac OSX) for creating effect plugins and synth plugins (ambitious I know, but then it is a wishlist)

When I started writing this I thought I had loads of stuff and ideas, but what do you know, only a few. Anyway if you have other ideas then please comment them in.

Collaborative Music and the PDA

Musical collaboration is an area that always interests me. I like the idea that people can collaborate over the internet by sending files back and forth and sharing ideas. I’ve done this myself, and it is interesting.

I like the idea of the “Snowball” in Griff where people would add to a track and build it up. The collaboration site for Bhajis Loops has had a bit of interest, but not too much, which is a shame.

Some time ago there was talk of the ability to use bluetooth in Bhajis loops as a way of keeping two devices in sync. I’ve had this thought in my head for a while, and on some levels it seems like a fun way to collaborate, but I think there are other ways that would be even more interesting.

I have this idea in my head that you could be sitting on the bus one day going to work and as usual you’ve got your headphones on working on your next bhajis masterpiece. All of a sudden you get an alert that tells you someone is trying to collaborate with you on your tune, and do you want to let them?

You don’t know who it is on the bus, but it doesn’t matter. For the next thirty minutes you work together then stop and you both have the tune on your palms.

I know it is a bit of a pipe dream, and unrealistic as there is just not the Bhajis user base for something like that to happen, but it is a fun idea nevertheless.

OSX Sample Packer for Bhajis Loops

This is the coolest utility for Bhajis so far. Now you can edit and compile your own sample packs for Bhajis right in OSX. The sample packer has a fantastic GUI and options to optimise samples.

Another fantastic utility from Olivier.

MIDI day on Palm Sounds : ittyMIDI

I had a brief play with ittyMIDI a long time ago when I had a Sony clie. The nice thing about the clie was that it had an on board midi chip so you instant access to GM sounds. The down side was that Sony had not implemented the Palm Sound API and so you needed a third party hack to run things like Bhajis Loops.

Anyway, this is what the ittyMIDI site has to say about the software.

ittyMIDI Player converts your Palm OSĀ® compatible hand held into a full featured MIDI player and will transform the way you practice or perform. To see for yourself, download the free demo today. ittyMIDI Player works on many Palm OS devices. Please check the compatibility list to see whether your model applies.

Most handhelds require an external synthesizer to generate polyphonic MIDI, although a few models have built-in synthesizers. Again, please see the compatibility list for details.

  • Sony Internal Synthesizer Support
  • BeatPlus Support
  • Palm OS 5 Support
  • Color Support
  • MIDI OUT to External Synth
  • MIDI THRU from External Controller
  • Works with Swivel SG20 and Tsunamidi synths
  • Works with Handiclip
  • Count In Option
  • Disable Alarms Option
  • Practice Loops
  • Program (instrument) Mapping
  • Channel Mapping
  • GM to non-GM Mapping


SynchropoolpX is binary compatible

Excellent, at last the SynchropoolpX will work on Intel Macs as well.


I really must get my head around using Psytexx at some point very soon. It is the one Palm app I just haven’t managed to get into, and I sort of regret it.

Tungsten|E Guy’s Blog: Music Creation on the Palm Platform

Tungsten|E Guy’s Blog: Music Creation on the Palm Platform

Good reviews of Bhajis Loops / Microbe and other music software like Psytexx. Definitely worth checking out this blog.

Matrixsynth: miniMusic BeatPad driving a Voyager and 909

Matrixsynth: miniMusic BeatPad driving a Voyager and 909

Good post on the use of BeatPad and external MIDI hardware. Nice shot of a Palm M515 running it all. Interesting blog too.

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