From the beginning … PalmSounds on video, back in 2013: Palm OS controls

From the beginning … PalmSounds on video, back in 2008: Something live …

“This is a first test to see how a performance might work using a numer of PDAs / handheld devices simultaneously. This test uses a TRG Pro (with an SG20 MIDI module attached), a Nintendo DS running Electroplankton, and a Treo 650 using AxisPad.”

“This was a little experiment in PDA performance. The main music is running in Bhajis Loops on a T3. The treo is using AxisPad, the TRG Pro is running ThereMIDI, and the other gear is a Yamaha MU15 and a Kaoss MINI.”

“Here’s another video featuring a T3 running Bhajis Loops in live mode, a Treo 650 running AxisPad, a TRG Pro running Theremini, and a Yamaha MU15 running off the TRG Pro. The whole thing is through a Kaoss Pad mini.”

“Another video from my last session of mucking around. This time more abstract and formless.”

“Some excerpts from my live show earlier this year. I’ve finally got around to editing them into something that can be watched.”

A nice collection of me trying out live things and then ending up with an actual live thing using PDAs and stuff. It was fun to do, but things really have moved on from there.

From the beginning … PalmSounds on video, back in 2008: Making stuff for Palm OS

If you didn’t know already then here’s some very old news for you. Back in 2008 I was experimenting with making my own Palm apps. Nothing amazing, certainly not by today’s standards anyway. But they were fun, and I still think there’s one fan out there. Yes Jo I’m looking at you!

From the beginning … PalmSounds on video, back in 2007: The old SG20

“This is a little film showing what BeatPad can do. I’m using BeatPad here on a TRG Pro device running at just 16 mhz. The TRG Pro has an SG20 MIDI module plugged in. In the video I’m adjusting the pattern to change the drum sounds accessed.”

I love the old SG20 MIDI module for a Palm device. It only worked with older devices like the Palm III or the TRG Pro as in this video, but it was way ahead of its time.

From the beginning … PalmSounds on video, back in 2007: Two OS’s together?

“I had thought about doing this a while ago. This is a short video showing AxisPad (using sounds from SoundPad) being played through Pocket StompBox (a multi-effects processor) into a pair of portable speakers. Made me think of Dr Who soundtracks from the 70’s!”

Now I’m getting into the whole Windows Mobile thing and running StompBox on the Dell Axim.


From the beginning … PalmSounds on video, back in 2007: Making some little films

“A short film about travelling with music. The music was made with a PDA using Microbe and Bhajis Loops software for Palm and the video was shot with a Palm Treo 650 and also a Sony Clie NX73V.”

“The music for this film was made with a Treo 650 running Bhajis Loops.”

These two were made with my Treo for the most part and I really enjoyed making them. Back in 2007 it was a bit of a labour of love to pull these things together and it’s obviously a lot easier now! Even so, I still think that they stand up to a degree.

From the beginning … PalmSounds on video, back in 2007: SpinPad

And again with the old Palm OS stuff! Here’s miniMusic’s demo of SpinPad, which may remind you of a number of circular interface apps. I think that this was way ahead of it’s time and it’s still quite good for use with MIDI.

From the beginning … PalmSounds on video, back in 2007: Pocket DJ

This was a very shaky video from 2007 but it’s significant because it was the first one I ever put up on YouTube. It was of a Palm OS app, or rather a flash applet running inside the Sony Clie Flash player app. The applet was one of a series which were little more than sample players, but back then this was something you couldn’t really do on the Palm OS before PocketDJ arrived.

How things have changed!

Moments in mobile music: 1 – miniMusic

As I mentioned yesterday I’m planning to talk about 10 ‘moments’ in mobile music that were important for me, and number 1 is miniMusic. It was a very big impact on my own personal journey into mobile music.

In fact, if I look back at the last few years I’ve cited miniMusic in lots of times and important moments.

When I look back to PalmSounds 5 year anniversary I was talking about miniMusic too. I don’t know what kind of percentage of overall posts on PalmSounds are about miniMusic, but I would guess it’s comparatively high.

Of course miniMusic did venture ever so briefly into the iOS world with the PianoFly Pro Synth, which was to be followed up with Tympanum, although that sadly never arrived. In fact they had big plans in the early iOS days back in 2008, which is when I did an interview with Chad from miniMusic.

I’ve been talking about miniMusic and Palm OS apps for a long time but I keep on reminding people about those days. Even in December last year I wrote a long piece in response to a question from Marc Weidenbaum from Disquiet all about early Palm OS apps and using them.

So you may be wondering why it’s so important:

When I first bought a PDA, a Palm III I had no idea that it could be used in any way to make music. In fact I pretty much used it just for being organised. Or at least that’s what I did to start with. As I started to discover sites like PalmGear and others I found a lot of different uses for my Palm and then I started to find some musical uses too. It was the beginning of something amazing, something that I’d be sharing with you for a long time!

miniMusic was a little revelation to me. I can’t tell you how much time I spent checking out every page on that site and following up every link. I found out everything there was to find out about making music on a PDA, and most of that was before PalmSounds was even started.

So that was where I began, and I can talk about music on a PDA for just about as long as you want (Mr Concreted0g will confirm this)!

My next moment will continue my journey in mobile music, and it’ll be with you in the next day or so …

14 mobile hardware devices I love: 4 -The Palm T3

By mentioning the Palm T3 I can, by simple extension, talk about Palm OS music making. Ok, it’s a tad tenuous when this is meant to be about hardware, but I’m stretching a point because I can!

I last mentioned both Bhajis Loops and Microbe on so many occasions, and I think as part of my 24 apps of 2012 as well, which is probably no surprise either.

I’ve mentioned Palm OS music making on many occasions of course, primarily because that’s where PalmSounds really comes from, and my days of using an old Pam Tungsten T3 (and actually prior to that a series of older PDAs) for music making are in many ways what inspired the start of this blog. These old devices shouldn’t be overlook, as I’ve posted before, you can set up your own little bit of music making history by getting a Palm Tungsten T3 from eBay or a Palm Tungsten TX for that matter and grabbing both Bhajis Loops and Microbe for free. You’ll certainly have a lot of fun in doing so and it won’t set you back much these days.

I still miss those Palm days, and I’m not on my own there (I’m looking at you Jo!). Finally, if you’ve got this far, and your still interested in a bit more about Palm OS music, I’ve put out a couple of unfinished collections of pieces which were both made using Bhajis. You can find these on Bandcamp.  Also you might want to check out this old post about constructing a £50 mobile music studio, if you want to take the leap yourself. Also it’ll tell you a lot more about Bhajis and what it does.