Will Samsung make Bada open source?

Bada hasn’t really taken off to compete with the likes of Android and iOS, but if it went open source it might get more attention I supose.

I only know of one music app for this platform, but I’m guessing that if it gained more appeal and market share it has the potential.

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CDM on Sodasynth

You might have heard of SodaSynth in the last few days. It appears to be the only synth that is made to run on the HP Touchpad, although that isn’t really a good reason to get a Touchpad.

But Sodasynth also runs in the browser and as a VST. CDM has all the details.

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GameBoy Advance as a MIDI synthesizer Project appeared!


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bada app – MicroTrack dB – how to: drum programming

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RIM releases Android app player then removes it again

Gadgetlab posts on RIM’s Android app player being briefly released then withdrawn again.

I did have some hopes that the Playbook with it’s ability to run Android apps too might be a good cross platform device, but so far this has not really come about and the Android App player sounds like it isn’t ready yet, and may not be all I imagined either from this statement:

“Even with the Android app player, it does not support every app out there, and most apps still need to be ported over to work well,” Gartner mobile analyst Phillip Redman told Wired.com. “So though the intent is to open up [the PlayBook] to a wider variety of mobile apps, it will still be limited.”
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MicroTrack dB demo

MicroTrack dB is now available for Samsung Bada phones, via Samsung Apps. For more information, visit http://microtrackdb.blogspot.com

Join MicroTrack dB on Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/pages/MicroTrack-dB/221271471241507

Follow MicroTrack dB on Twitter – http://twitter.com/microtrackdb

MicroTrack dB is a music making app created for Samsung Bada phones. Inspired by the classic instruments that defined electronic music, this app puts music making in the palm of your hand.

MicroTrack dB features a programmable drum machine, bass line synthesiser and digital effects processor. This portable, virtual studio offers high-quality audio output, intuitive sequencing, flexible drum programming, powerful synthesis, a range of modulation options and performance features.

A user-friendly interface and step-by-step tutorials allow beginners to get started making music, while more advanced musicians will find a host of features to get their teeth in to.

Get your creative juices flowing and make tracks instantly. Realise your ideas, define your sound and create the music that you want to hear.

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Sunvox released for OpenPandora

Excellent news for OpenPandora users. You can now put some Sunvox goodness in your device.

Find it here.

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HP Touchpad coming 1st June

A variety of sites are saying that this tablet offering is going to be worthwhile, yet from my point of view webOS hasn’t been able to deliver anything for mobile music to date, which is a shame given Palm’s original track record for Palm OS.

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Things that I miss: 3 – Milkytracker

Milkytracker hasn’t had an update for ages now. Once it was ported to OSX I really thought it might get an iOS port as well, but no such luck sadly.

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RIM Playbook Teardown

I haven’t mentioned the playbook in a while, but I’ve been reading about it in a variety of blogs and sites. This post at gadgetlab comments on the teardown from ifixit.

It sounds like the stuff inside is all good, but what bothers me is that the reviews this thing is getting are nowhere near favourable. All I hear is bad things about it, which is a shame as I thought it had a lot of potential with the ability to run android apps and the QNX OS which I’m told could be great for music applications.

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