MaxComm is a app for sending OSC over wifi

MaxComm is a free customizable controller for sending OSC messages to another computer over a Wifi network.

The app incorporates an interface builder, which allows the user to add sliders, buttons, and toggles. Interfaces can be saved, loaded, and exported as max patches for use in Max/MSP.

MaxComm allows users to send motion data (using the device’s built-in accelerometer and gyroscope) as well as multitouch data.

MaxComm was designed for use with Max/MSP, but should be able to function with any program capable of receiving OSC messages via a UDP connection.

MaxComm is free on the app store:

Sometimes you’ve got the T-Shirt, but this app makes me want to buy the jacket …

I don’t have the jacket, but just taking a look at this app makes me want to get it already. I actually know someone who is in fact testing this out, so I might get a play at some point.

It does look like a lot of fun …

Here’s the app’s description:

The MIDI app allows you to setup a basic musical set which you can easily fiddle with, without having the need to know anything about music. Just open the app and play as you feel it.

To use, first select a section by placing touching one of the red circles above the jacket’s illustration. Each can hold a different sample and volume, that can be selected from a list, and easily activated by pressing play.

Nervs work a bit different. They hold a control grid that you can use to modify the preset effect filters, in order to alter the sample.

MIDI app can become a powerful tool if you add in a MIDI jacket. Just connect your iPad to the MIDI jacket’s WiFi server and start using OSC messages to wirelessly play music on your app. The application is configured to work along with the jacket right out of the box.

The app is free, the jacket, probably not I’m thinking.

TC-Data arrives, and if you’re into MIDI or OSC then you really need to take a look at this

A new app from the developer of TC-11 arrives and looks completely awesome. Here’s what you need to know about the app:

TC-Data is a MIDI and OSC (Open Sound Control) controller that sends messages to other apps and hardware. The app has over 300 multi-touch and device motion controllers and triggers which can be assigned to any MIDI or OSC message output. TC-Data is not a synthesizer, but it is designed to control them, plus any other MIDI or OSC software.

With TC-Data, you create your own interface to send the gestures and touch motions you choose. There are no sliders, knobs, or buttons. TC-Data directly connects your touch movements to the outputs you program.

Create MIDI notes, CC, pitch bend, patch change, and aftertouch messages with totally unique multi-touch controllers. Or send values directly to your program of choice via OSC, where you can build your own project using TC-Data as the front-end.


  • Inter-app control via CoreMIDI
  • OSC over Wi-Fi
  • Support for external MIDI interfaces
  • MIDI input passthrough
  • Virtual MIDI output
  • MIDI over Bluetooth via 3rd party apps
  • Fully assignable touch controllers
  • Gyroscope and accelerometer motion control
  • 300+ controllers and triggers

Here’s the video that shows you some of the amazingly cool stuff that this can do:

TC-Data is based on TC-11, an all-in-one multi-touch synthesizer. TC-Data takes the multi-touch controllers from TC-11 and opens them up to any external software. Add multi-touch gestural control to your next project with TC-Data.

TC-Data is priced at $19.99. Click on the button below to see it in the app store:

Mrmr Legacy arrives

I can remember when the original came out, so it’s very interesting to see them issue a version for older devices! I don’t think I’ve seen that done before.

Mrmr Legacy is a version of the popular Open Sound Control client, Mrmr, that is built to be compatible with devices that are unable to upgrade to the latest versions of iOS. This includes the iPod second generation and the iPhone 3G.

Mrmr is an ongoing research project to develop a standardized set of protocols and syntax conventions to control live installations and multimedia performances via mobile devices. The project was begun by Eric Redlinger, then researcher-in-residence at the Polytechnic Institute of NYU’s experimental media center.

Simply put, Mrmr is a technology that enables you to use ordinary cell phones and PDAs as controllers in audio-visual performances, or to participate in interactive museum exhibits, or to use your mobile device in the place of the mouse or trackpad from your full-size computer. It also makes a great, free OSC controller for Max/MSP, VDMX and other VJ/DJ software.

Key elements of the Mrmr project are:

  • create your own interfaces using only a text editor
  • multiuser by design / client peer-to-peer or client-server models supported
  • open standards (zeroconfig/bonjour/mdns, OSC)
  • dynamic interfaces: widgets can be reconfigured ‘on the fly’

Mrmr Legacy is free

Musix Pro – Epic Isomorphic Harmony Music Instrument arrives

Shiverware have brought their new new performance app to iOS and it looks pretty amazing. Here’s what to expect:

Musix Pro is the most innovative app for performing music. Music theory is baked right in through the use of a technique called isomorphic note layouts. Novices learn to play in minutes, and professionals benefit from built-in harmonic relationships between notes. Unlike other music apps, Musix Pro provides a wide range of octaves, scales, keys, chords and modes, without limiting your creativity. With multiple built-in instruments and support for OSC and Core/Virtual Midi, most existing synthesizers work beautifully with Musix Pro as a controller.

Traditional musical instruments are difficult to learn because notes are arranged based on physical constraints. Musix Pro arranges notes based on their harmonic and musical relationships instead, allowing shapes and patterns to emerge that unlock the mathematical beauty of music.

Why Musix Pro:

  • Learn how to play every major and minor chord in minutes
  • Play along with your favourite song without practicing for years
  • Learn one pattern and instantly play in any key
  • Explore the harmonic relationships between notes
  • Play along with your friends without being an expert
  • Realize your own personal musicality

What is Musix Pro:

  • The easiest way to play music
  • A professional musical instrument and midi controller
  • A music theory learning tool
  • An isomorphic layout creator and experimentation app
  • A melody exploration device


  • Core/Virtual Midi, OSC
  • 8 Built-in instruments (2 New)
  • Hexagonal and Rectangular layouts
  • Multiple built-in note arrangements
  • Custom layout generation and saving
  • Colourize different notes based on key, scale, and mode
  • Label notes based on Solfege, or Note name
  • Multiple note sizes
  • Multiple color patterns
  • Note Overlap (play 3-note chords with one finger)
  • Retina Support
  • Full iPhone Support

Works as a controller for:

  • SampleWiz
  • NLog Synth Pro
  • Arctic Keys
  • SampleTank
  • Sunrizer
  • MidiBridge
  • Many other apps and devices


Musix Pro is key agnostic, which means is that once you have learned a musical pattern (like a chord or a scale) that pattern is the same for all keys, even the dreaded A-Flat! Sharps and flats appear in the right place automatically, through the mathematical magic of isomorphism. You can learn to play melodies on a traditional keyboard by playing them on Musix Pro and watching where the sharps and flats go.

Songwriters benefit by discovering new melodies and musical relationships. Novices find it easy to learn to play. Experienced musicians are rewarded with an intuitive interface. Keys can be resized to fit your style – start with “epic”-sized keys, and as you get better you can shrink the keys fill the screen with notes.

Isomorphic keyboards are found on traditional and new instruments, from concertinas, accordions, and “jammers” to Janko keyboards, harmonic-table devices and more. Musix Pro is the only way to access all isomorphic note arrangements in one powerful customizable application.

Musix Pro comes with a set of built-in layouts, each with its own pros and cons. The harmonic table layout allows you to play any major chord by touching three hexes with one finger. Wicki-Hayden makes modulating between pentatonic scales a breeze. Try them all and find one that works for you.

Musix Pro allows you to change the colour of the notes in your layout. You can colour the notes white and black like a piano; you can colour the notes of any scale or mode (like D-flat mixolidian) and you can colour notes based on tone centre. Notes can be labeled with movable or fixed solfege or with the traditional note name (spelled based on the key and mode).

The app is priced at $4.99

Musix Pro - Epic Isomorphic Harmony Music Instrument - Shiverware

ALT OSC – Flick Pad

Another universal OSC app for your device:

ALT OSC is an Open Sound Control application. This application is a specialized multi touch input device with simple operation. Its been designed for use in different purposes and in various situations, e.g. making music, performances, and installations. The power of this app is not limited to audio but also for providing visual as well as program control.

[ Function ]

  • OSC functions with the sliding, flicking, or dragging of multi touch control of discs placed on an x,y axis.
  • The disks will vary in number and are used as targets for tweaking the numeric values to which the OSC has been set to command.
  • The clean and simple interface provides an intuitive interaction with the device.
  • Combined with our original MIDI Bridge Application, MIDI signals interact with other Digital Audio Workstation software.
  • OSC also integrates with Max/MSP software, developed by Cycling’74 you can assign variables as you like.

[ A mode ]

  • In this mode you control the disc by touching coordinates. The disc will appear on the coordinates that you have touched.
  • You can control the disc’s movements and the time until they disappear through settings of friction and duration.

[ B mode ]

  • In this mode you choose the number of discs, and control each disc’s coordinates.
  • You can control the movements of the discs by friction.

[ Accelerometer ]

  • You can send a signal (x,y,z) in OSC using the acceleration sensor of your device.

[ Requirements ]
Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

The app is priced at $0.99.

ALT OSC - Flick Pad - Karappo Inc.

TouchOSC on the iPad and Native Intruments B4II

Via Clip to Evernote

Another Pocket PC Drum Machine

I found another PocketPC Drum Machine. This one has a bit of a twist. Here’s the product’s details:

Drum Kit Ace is a brilliant music & memory game and also an easy to program drum machine!

In the two game modes Memory Master and Rhythm Master use your touch screen stylus to hit the drums and follow the computers lead. Practice drumming in Freestyle mode, complete with metronome to help improve your timing.

The Drum Machine enables you to create up to 99 drum tracks. The interface is simple and intuitive. If you play an instrument (e.g. guitar, bass, keyboard) then why not create a drum track to play along to…for fun, for practice, for real.


  • Stylish Photo Realistic VGA Graphics
  • Excellent Animation
  • Portrait and Landscape View supported on ALL devices
  • Multi-Language Support (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish)
  • Memory Master
  • Rhythm Master
  • Freestyle
  • Drum Machine