14 things to show you love mobile music – 5: Put your music on SoundCloud

Following on from the last reason to love mobile music, I’d also suggest that you put your own stuff up too on SoundCloud. Put it in some of the great groups that are out there. And, as before, you can use SoundCloud’s great iOS app for doing all of that.

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14 things to show you love mobile music – 4: Listen to other people’s music

There is some truly amazing music being made on all kinds of mobile devices these days and lots of it is on SoundCloud. There are some great groups there too, for just about all your favourite apps.

Listening to other people’s stuff made on mobile isn’t just good for them, but it can be a real inspiration to hear what other people are producing, and you can learn a lot too.

So if you’re not there already, get yourself a SoundCloud account and get listening. There’s a mobile app for SoundCloud too. Of course.

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14 things to show you love mobile music – 3: Write (good) reviews

Developers love reviews on the app store, good ones anyway, and these can help in a big way. Of course if you don’t like an app then then I’m not suggesting you write a good review, but also don’t complain in a review if there’s a support problem, as developers have no way of responding to app store reviews and it’s a constant source of irritation.

So if you love an app then tell the developer by giving them a great review on the store.

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14 things to show you love mobile music – 2: Support the blogging community

The bloggers, myself included, put lots of time and effort into keeping everyone up to date with the news and what’s happening the mobile music world. You can support them in some very simple ways.

  • When you buy an app, buy it via a blogger’s link, either here at Palm Sounds, or at any of the blogs or sites you frequent.
  • If you’re going to buy Apple hardware, or anything from the Apple store, either use the links here (below), or again, at any of the bloggers sites you love. It really helps.

Show your support for the community!

Find your iPhone on the Apple Store. Find your iPad on the Apple Store.

14 things to show you love mobile music – 1: Support your favourite developers …

If you love mobile music, and I know I do, then show your love by supporting mobile music developers. They’re a hard working bunch and they deliver us some of the most awesome tools ever to see a mobile device.

So however you want to support them, help them to feel appreciated, today and every day.

2014: Things to look forward to, 6

With the launch of Jasuto 1.5 I’m hopeful, or perhaps a little hopeful anyway, that we might just see Jasuto Studio arrive this year. That is of course, as long as we don’t have to wait as long for it as we did for the last update to Jasuto itself.

So, what is Jasuto Studio? Well there’s not very much available on the Jasuto site. I did post this a little while ago, which I got from the FAQ:

“What’s the status of Jasuto Studio?
Jasuto Studio is still in the works. Life happens and focus gets shifted around. Know that Jasuto Studio is further along than it was before.”

So there’s hope at least. There used to be more information on the Jasuto site about what the ‘Studio’ version would be, but as far as I can tell it’s gone. So for now all I can remember is that it was going to add a lot of functionality to Jasuto and even bring some kind of scripting into the environment.

I hope it gets to us this year, but for now I’m still happy that 1.5 made it, and I’m still really enjoying using that.

2014: Things to look forward to, 5

iVCS3 is still coming I believe, and it’ll be an amazing recreation of the original hardware. Now that’s something to look forward to isn’t it?

Here are some pictures …

Again a huge thank you to Josue Arias for letting me post these pictures of the new iVCS3 alongside a real EMS Synthi AKS.

Please take a look at Josue’s facebook page which is where the pictures came from.

14 Predictions for 2014: 2 – There will be hardware …

The second of my predictions for 2014 is around hardware. This time not really about iOS or even Android but around more experimental hardware, or rather hardware that encourages experimentation.

The reason for this is simple. In 2013 we saw a lot of this kind of hardware, some from successful kickstarter campaigns and others from well known manufacturers. In 2013 these are the hardware projects we saw:

  • The Touchboard. Which was a very successful kickstarter campaign and came from an already established startup called Bare conductive.
  • Patchblocks. Another successful kickstarter which will bring a sort of modular hardware with a software component that isn’t unlike puredata.
  • Bastl Trinity. Another modular development that looks and sounds very interesting.
  • Korg’s littlebits synth kit. This came as a surprise, but then most things from Korg do. Their synth kit has already been very popular and I think we’ll see this develop and expand.

All of the above have been very popular and encouraged a lot of interest from more than just the traditional music tech sites. It’s because of this I think we’ll see more and more of these kind of experimental hardware platforms.

Where I think things will get even more interesting is where we see these hardware platforms integrate themselves into the mobile OS world. I’d really like to see that happen.

2014: Things to look forward to, 3

So it looks like Sunvox will be the Pixilang IDE, well that will open up some very interesting possibilities indeed. Sunvox has long been one of the most innovative mobile music apps. It’s cross platform (including now going to Raspberry Pi!) and is truly modular as well. With pixilang integration it’ll become even more amazing.

14 Predictions for 2014: 1 – Android will start to catch up (a bit)

It’s only fair to say that Android hasn’t been a platform for making music in a big way so far, but I think that’ll change this year, or at least it’ll start to change anyway. In fact, you could argue that it has already with the arrival of the truly amazing Caustic 3 for Android and iOS.

My hope is that this will be the tip of the iceberg for Android, and that we’ll start to see more interesting things happening in that space. However, I don’t think it’ll suddenly be a new iOS or a real challenger. No, I think it’ll develop in a very different way to what we’ve seen to date with iOS, and that in itself will be more interesting.

Android by definition is a more open OS than iOS, that’s a given, but as a result of that the possibilities a very different and so I don’t think it should be viewed in the same way as iOS at all. My guess, or my prediction, is that we’ll see more environments for making in Android. Systems that will allow users to make things for themselves. Perhaps something between Android app inventor and Patchfield. Now that would make for an interesting diversion.

Anyway, that’s my view, but as ever, I’m interested in knowing what you think about Android.

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