Ableton Link coming to DrumJam!

Well that’s great news, that Link is coming to DrumJam soon.

Teenage Engineering still developing the OP-1

I was pleased to see in their latest newsletter (alongside the wallet debilitating news of 3 new PO series devices) that TE are still working on the OP-1! That’s great to hear. They’re not giving much away, and it was tucked away at the end of the email, so if you missed it or didn’t get it, here it is:

we are continually developing our flagship synthesizer the OP-1, soon back in stock. thanks for all the feedback we’re getting! we know a lot of you are waiting for an update. stay tuned for more info…”

I’m hoping it won’t be too long, and it would be awesome if they did a hardware add-on for the OP-1, although that too would be a costly move no doubt.

It looks real to me, how about you?

gadget proof

A big thank you to the commenter on my earlier post, who found this image which seems to reaffirm the launch of a version of Gadget for the iPhone. The image above is from a this page on the Korg site about the nanoKey Studio. March is a long time to wait for it, but I still have really high hopes that it is for real.

Caustic 3 loading FL Studio Mobile instruments

Useful tip from Musical Android on loading FL Studio Mobile instruments into Caustic.

NoisePAD Review

NoisePAD Review

You can find out more here

loopyapp news

News from loopyapp: Brand new Loopy, real soon! Here’s what’s coming: Read it on twitter:

Alesis news

News from Alesis: The latest update to @ikmultimedia’s #AmpliTube for #iPad makes it compatible with the @Alesis iO Dock. #iODock RT! Read it on twitter:

WWDC Coverage

Like many others I’ll be reading one of the many live feeds from the WWDC keynote and I’ll be posting anything I think is significant for mobile music as soon as I see it.

Afterwards I’m sure there’ll be lots to comment on.

MacWorld Photos

Thanks to @Pogemon for this news and pictures from MacWorld:

I went to Macworld today and gathered a few tidbits. It was a 1/3 of the size of last year, and with Apple missing, I’d imagine it will shrink down further next year. Saw big showings from Shure and Sennheiser, selling mics and lots of earbud style headphones etc.

There were some app tables that were showing off some music related apps. A few shots I got were the guys (Agile Partners) that make Guitar Toolkit, they said they had big plans for the new version of Guitar Toolkit coming soon, said they were developing for the ipad as well…they also demo’ed their Guitar Tablature sister product called Tab Toolkit, which looked real nice. He also hinted at a ‘secret project’ coming soon.

One app that really caught my eye was a recording app by the folks that make McDSP called Retro Recorder, which is a basic recording app but has some good processing and DSP technology to improve recording quality., which is .99 until the end of Macworld.

Other guys I saw were a cool app (in the app pavillion area) called Pattern Music, which appears to be a standard grid style full instruments type of sequencer/song creator, which also lets you jam along with your ipod library.

If I had $60 or so to spend today I would’ve bought one of those Blue-Mikey Microphones, but don’t find myself recording too often on my iphone.

Big thanks to @Pogemon for the words and pictures from Macworld. I wonder what it will be like next year?

Get all your NAMM news from CDM

All things NAMM will be available from CDM (who else?). I know I’ll be watching CDM for lots of NAMM goodness and hopefully more on the Ion keyboard and if developers will be able to access it.

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