More to come from Sugar Bytes for iOS users

So, it looks like Sugar Bytes won’t be disappointing us. According to this video they will have updates for their existing iOS apps and also new apps for iPad and even something for the iPhone too. All good news.

If you want to watch the video go ahead, but be aware that the iOS news is about 10 minutes and 30 seconds in and there’s nothing shown about new products at all.

Video description:

“I was on SuperBooth this year for creating video content. More gear news will coming soon. Please support me on Patreon if you enjoy my content.…

I was at the booth of Sugar Bytes where the new software Synthesizer Factory was presented. Here is a presentation of this new upcoming release and you will receive some informations about an upcoming new IOS product and updates

Subscribe to my channel to get more videos about Synthesizer Products from now and the past. Please leave your comments if you like the video or not, it help my channel to evolve.”

Video published by Synth Anatomy.

If you’re interested in Sugar Bytes existing apps on iOS check out:

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So, today is a big (Apple) day?

Will it be good news or meh? It all kicks off around 6pm GMT (10am local time), and I, like many many others, will be watching live. So if there is anything that I believe is of note from a mobile music perspective, then I’ll be sure to let you know.

What’s coming up next in AUM



Updates from Art Kerns … new app coming, updates after that, then music!




Lemur looking into Link …

Now getting Link into something like Lemur would be really useful …

Lemur on the app store:

More detail on FieldScaper 1.3

So there’s a bit more detail on what’s coming to FieldScaper 1.3 and how it’ll work. You can find the detail over at the Motion Soundscape blog.

SoundCloud in trouble?

Well it certainly seems that way anyway. According to this piece at Hypebot their most recent filing is not in the least bit positive. Stating that the business faces “material uncertainties”, whatever that means? And, whatever it does mean, one things is probable, it isn’t good.

It seems that there hasn’t been any good news or positivity from SoundCloud in a while, or at least that’s my take on the news. For a long time it feels like there’s just been uncertainty about their future, and that uncertainty seems to be deepening.

Link support coming to GlitchBreaks soon

So it appears that GlitchBreaks is getting Ableton’s Link very soon. A new version has been submitted for review. Hopefully it’ll be out in the wild soon.

And don’t forget to take a look at the ‘Apps Supporting Link‘ page for more apps which have Link.

Fieldscaper 1.3 will bring audio file editing

iPad screenshot 59 (landscape 2048x1536)

Fieldscaper is already great and just seems to get better with every update. The next up is audio file editing. Here’s what’s coming in 1.3:

“Now with audio sample editor. Features – zoom, in / out markers, fade in and fade out, split sample, new file from selected part, trim on markers, delete, cut, copy and paste thru audio clipboard.”

Fieldscaper on the app store:

Something new is coming from MoMinstruments, get ready for Fluxpad

The video just says, “Fieldwork test of MoMinstruments’ Fluxpad at Hotel Ougiya Fukui”, and then points you to this page, which contains a lot of very useful information about their forthcoming app …

Fluxpad features …

  • 6 melody sequencers where you paint your melodies based on a sample of your choice
  • 1 percussion/drum sequencer where paint/tap your groove made of 7 samples of your choice
  • each sound has it’s own sampler settings with unique envelope, loop and start settings
  • quantize / unquantize functions for each sequencer or the whole pattern
  • combine 6 pattern to a longer piece of music
  • ability to record your own samples with the build in microphone
  • huge sample library with high quality sounds/kits made by Mouse on Mars and others
  • lots of demo projects made by Mouse and Mars and others
  • ability to sync via midi to other apps, hardware


And nice to see that they’re working with the maker of Gliss and SQRT, that’s right, TeaTracks!

I’m sure it’ll be as good as WretchUp!

So the app is due for release in ‘early’ 2016. Hopefully earlier rather than later.


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