Link coming to DM1!

Which is great news for DM1 owners on iPhone or iPad!

Link coming to Genome MIDI Sequencer

Thought I’d mention this as GMS is on sale right now too, so it’s a great time to grab this app.


Something new coming to NOIZ …


NOIZ is on Product Hunt! Vote it up now!

If you know NOIZ then you’ll know it’s an awesome app for making music for just about anyone and it’s doing a great job of democratising music creation. Now it’s on Product Hunt! And it needs your vote! So go vote it up right now!

Click here to vote it up.

If you don’t know NOIZ then you can find it on the app store by clicking below (then go and vote it up)!

It’s Sunday, here’s the round up of news from the last week

Welcome to this week’s round up of news from the 11th of April to today.

11th of April:

12th of April:

13th of April:

  • My piece of why you should take a look at Skram (original post)

14th of April:

15th of April:

16th of April:


I hope that was helpful in case you missed anything throughout the week. Remember that previous round ups are available here where you can also sign up for these posts to be sent to your inbox.

And more is on the way from Mr Art Kerns


A bit more news on the OP-1 update coming soon

So Audio News Room have more details on what’s coming to the OP-1 in the next update. It sounds good, there’s going to be a new sequencer mode and device’s knobs will now be push enabled, which could be interesting. If you want to know more then check the ANR page here.

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