Handmade Music NYC 23rd of August

I wish I was in New York for this event. It looks like it is going to be excellent.

Maybe we should have something like this in London?

4Pockets gets multiple award nominations

I got an email from 4Pockets about their award nominations from Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine. Here’s a snippet from it:

“The company’s application software has also been recognised in this year’s awards with 4Pockets audio products Virtual Recorder, Pocket RTA Pro(Spectrum Analyser) and Audio Box receiving nominations in the audio sections and 4Talk in the communications categories.

Bill Muir of 4Pockets said “We are delighted that not only have we received this recognition from the award judges but also the people who buy the products and nominated them for their excellence. We were so pleased when we received 9 nominations last year, so 14 this year is just excellent, I am very proud of both the products and the team behind them.”

The international awards are run by the US based Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine and throughout August a team of 100 Windows Mobile experts from around the world will evaluate the software nominees in 151 Pocket PC categories and 40 Smartphone categories. Finalists will be announced in late September and winners in October at the Awards Home Page at http://www.pocketpcmag.com/awards.

Further information on the 4Pockets.com range of products can be found at www.4pockets.com.”

Check out www.4pockets.com as they have a whole host of excellent apps including:

– MeTeoR: Multi-track for Windows Mobile
– Stompbox: Effect application
– AudioBox: Studio app

and many many more.

pD POD !

From YouTube:

“pdPod allows the creation of interactive musical applications for the iPod. It integrates Pure Data (http://crca.ucsd.edu/~msp/software.html ) a visual sound programming language by Miller Puckette which allows the rapid development of musical applications. Guenter Geiger (http://gige.xdv.org/ ) has made PDa (http://gige.xdv.org/pda/ ), a port of Pure Data for PDA Linux devices which we recently adapted to run under iPod Linux as well. Martin Kaltenbrunner (http://modin.yuri.at/ ) created a GUI application which allows the execution, display and control of PD patches on the iPod. This application was made by the creators of the reacTable at the Music Technology Group (http://mtg.upf.edu/) at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain.

This instrument was made possible thanks to the efforts of the iPodLinux (http://ipodlinux.org ) project, which provides a Linux environment for the iPod. pdPod itself can be downloaded from its WIKI page (http://ipodlinux.org/Pdpod )”

I’m sure I’ve posted on pD POD before, but this video was a good example of it running. iPodLinux runs well on 3rd Gen iPods and these are cheaper on eBay these days, so I may venture into pD Pod at some point.

iPod game: Musika

A strange new game for iPod users somewhere between visualiser and game. The reviews aren’t so good though!

Crate Profiler 5: Taking things Live?

Continuing my theme of live work with PDAs / handhelds I thought that this would be a useful addition…

This is the Crate Profiler Model 5, which looks to me like you could really use this with you mobile live set maybe?

Their site says this:

“The Crate Profiler Model 5 makes a great home practice amp, but it’s so much more. Small and supremely portable, Model 5 packs your favorite amplifier tones into a single versatile, and highly affordable, studio-ready package.

You get killer guitar tones, Profiler’s built-in digital effects processing, and USB connectivity, making it the perfect recording interface. Dual battery and AC power provides the ultimate in portability. Just grab your guitar, your Model 5, and your laptop to take your entire recording studio anywhere on the planet. Crate Profiler Model 5 — recording just got easier!

11 amp profiles, including: Clean, High Watt, Vintage Club, Top Mount, and a setting specifically for acoustic guitars
2.5 watts per channel stereo output
2 x 4″ speakers
USB output for easy recording
DSP effects with Crate Channel Tracking™ and including delay, modulation and reverb effects
Gain/tone/level/profile-select controls
CD/MP3 player stereo input jack, Headphone jack
Mackie Tracktion 2 recording software included (for PC and Mac)
Battery and/or AC power”

I’ve got to admit that it is really tempting…

Tenori-On launches on 4/9 in the UK

More info at CDM.

I have to admit that it looks nice, and I wouldn’t mind a play with one.

TuneStudio almost ready to ship

According to eMusician the TuneStudio is almost ready to ship.

“When I wandered by Belkin’s booth (Belkin at NAMM? That’s news!), I discovered that the TuneStudio is almost ready to ship. Just in case you didn’t notice all the publicity it got when it was announced, the TuneStudio is an iPod-based recording studio that goes a bit beyond any other iPod-recording device, and it looks pretty neat, too.”

I’m looking forward to the release in the UK, which will be after the US release in the Summer.

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