Vox Unit is a vocoder for your iPad

Vox Unit is a vocoder. You speak in the microphone, you play on the keyboard, and choir and vocal effects are produced.

Vox Unit was optimized to create realistic choir effects. You can also produce soloist voices or strange vocal effects with, that you’ll love to mix in you next musical production.

Listen to the short demo in the App Store, or to the longer version on our website to have an opinion on how Vox Unit sounds : all vocals were produced with Vox Unit, and only a global reverberation was added during the mix.

Several synthesis technologies were combinated to obtain this result, you’ll get a very original vocoder downloading this musical instrument. Many presets are included to simulate your musical inspiration.

Use a headphone when you play Vox Unit : be carefull about the feedback noises elsewhere.

Vox Unit includes MIDI and Inter App Audio protocols : the demo was recorded with Garage Band iOS for example.

Vox Unit costs $6.99 on the app store:

Orion Studio Remote arrives, and it’s universal and free!

I know that this will make a few people very happy indeed. A bespoke remote for Orion? Good news indeed.

I haven’t been an Orion user for a long time, but when I was I did like it a lot.

Here’s the details of the app:

Orion Studio Mobile App is specifically designed to work with Antelope Audio’s Orion Studio 12-Mic Pres Audio Interface. The app will turn your iOS device into a professional audio interface remote control, allowing you to fully manage Orion Studio’s functionality. Both the producer and the recording artist will be provided with fast and easy access over all controllable features of the device.

Orion Studio Mobile App offers:

  • Input/Output Selection
  • Flexible Monitor Adjustment
  • Input/Output Trim
  • Independent HP Volume Selection
  • Stereo Effects Selection

Orion Studio on the app store, it’s free:

Shyne! Make Music arrives, to get you started in mobile music (if you’re not there already)

And here’s another app that wants you to make music really simply. I’ve only played with this very briefly, and it is fun, but I’ll probably need to spend a bit more time with it. For now, here’s the app description:

Shyne! is the easiest music maker app in the world.

In less than 10 seconds you’ll create music and even sing over it if you want!

  • You want to make a Hip Hop battle or freestyle?
  • You want to mix Reggae, Techno and Hard Rock?
  • You want to find inspiration?
  • You want a unique incredible bass riff or a crazy drum loop?

Create awesome music has never been easier & faster:

  1. Select up to 8 samples simultaneously from 6 genres of music included in the app
  2. Launch the record
  3. Play with samples (change volume, add, delete samples) and put your voice over your music
  4. Share your most beautiful music with your friends and your family

Shyne is on the app store and is currently free:

Eera mono synth arrives for your iPad

Eera is a monophonic synth, designed for everyday in-studio and on-the-stage situations, when you need space effects, rich and deep basses and unusual or classical leads.
Thanks to X/Y control at the heart and the X/Y bindings, people compare expressiveness of Eera with singing.
While it has modulations for each of the key parameters, it’s simple to use. In fact, for getting different timbre characteristics there is only one slider! Which in turn possible thanks to the unusual parabolic oscillator with width modulation.
And you can be sure that Eera does not prevent you to get your own, your personal sounds.
Eera was created with professional production in mind. The synth has the high quality tube amplifier on the out and supports sample rate up to 96 kHz.


  • no need for external MIDI controllers – Eera is an expressive instrument out of the box;
  • unusual parabolic oscillator with width modulation;
  • vintage reverb;
  • tube-saturated amplifier (with overdrive possibility);
  • state-variable filter;
  • chorus;
  • LFO modulations as well as parameters dependence on keyboard’s X/Y;
  • sample rate up to 96 kHz;
  • factory presets designed for your inspiration;
  • Audiobus and Inter-App Audio ready.

Eera is equally good for a wide range of musical genres: from techno, IDM and house to rock, classical, microtonal and experimental music.

Eera is on the app store and costs $4.99:

Ruismaker arrives, a new AU drum synth for your fav host

A new drum synth that’s an AU and works with your favourite host. Here are the details:

The first drum synthesizer plugin for iOS. Works conveniently inside your sequencer and Audio Unit Instrument hosts so you can focus on making electronic music without app switching and screen juggling like before.

*IMPORTANT* Audio Units are plug-ins that need a compatible host app to work. Ruismaker has been tested to work beautifully with Steinberg Cubasis, Apple Garageband, Modstep, AUM and MultitrackStudio.

  • Audio Unit Instrument: making music on iOS doesn’t get more convenient
  • Each sound is modeled using authentic analog and FM algorithms;
  • Comes with dozens of unique customizable models, more to come
  • Does not use any samples; all sounds are synthesized in realtime, on the fly
  • Emulates analog components, introducing subtle, natural fluctuations in the sound
  • Replicates the Ruismaker Annabella hardware drum machine
  • Light on the CPU, so you can run lots of Ruismakers simultaneously
  • Has an extra compact 4″ UI mode; especially for iPhone SE and iPhone 5S
  • Fully automatable parameters (requires host support)
  • Fully MIDI controllable using MIDI CC
  • Download the advanced guide on ruismaker.com for more details about parameter automation, available instruments and MIDI implementation

Do you have requests for new drum synth sounds that can be added to the available models? Let us know!

iOS Audio Units are supported on iPads (iPad 4, iPad Mini 2 and up) and iPhones (iPhone 5S and up) with iOS 9 and higher.

Ruismaker is on the app store costing $4.99:

And now there’s a new AU reverb for your hosts


Envelope (from DDMF) is a high class reverb audio unit for use as a standalone app or (preferably) in AUv3 hosts like Cubasis. Its true stereo reverberation algorithm creates ultra-realistic acoustic spaces. Eight basic room models are contained in this unit, all of which can be tweaked in size, predelay, depth, low- and high frequency content as well as stereo width. A dry-wet-control is also included, plus a carefully designed set of presets to get you started.

Envelope has already found its way into many recording studios around the world as a desktop plugin, and is now the first effect by the renowned plugin manufactory DDMF to be released for the iOS platform.

The app costs $9.99 on the app store, and apparently they’re planning to bring more of their plug ins to iOS soon.

Korg brings us Bluetooth MIDI Connect

Korg’s Bluetooth MIDI Connect allows you to easily connect Korg’s Bluetooth MIDI compatible controllers such as microKEY Air, nanoKEY Studio, nanoKONTROL Studio wirelessly with your iPhone/iPad.

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