Caustic 3 arrives, but not just for Android, an iOS universal version arrives too and I’m speechless

Ok, I’m not that speechless, but it’s amazing. Arguably the number 1 Android making app has gone cross platform at the same moment that version 3 lands with a huge upgrade in what you can do with this app. It’s amazing.

Here’s what you get on iOS for your $9.99:

Caustic 3 is a music creation tool inspired by rack-mount synthesizer/sampler rigs. Everything is real-time and optimized for mobile devices.

Create your rack by adding up to 14 machines from a choice of:

  • Subsynth – Virtual analog subtractive synthesizer
  • PCMSynth – Multi-sample wave synthesizer
  • BassLine – 303-like monosynth
  • BeatBox – 8-channel sampling drum machine
  • PadSynth – Harmonic table pad synthesizer
  • 8BitSynth – 8bit equation solver synthesizer
  • Modular – Fully configurable and routable synthesizer
  • Organ – Tonewheel organ with rotary speaker
  • Vocoder – 8-band harmonic vocoder
  • FMSynth – DX-style 3-operator fm synthesizer

The app also includes:

  • Effects rack supporting 2 effects per machine (16 effect types).
  • Mixer desk with EQ, panning and global Delay/Reverb effects.
  • Master section with effect slots, parametric EQ and limiter.
  • Song sequencer

Supports automation recording on most controls and includes powerful editors for modifying automation curves.

Users can record their own WAV files for use in the PCMSynth, BeatBox, and Vocoder or import files through iTunes file sharing or the built-in FTP server.
Supports all uncompressed WAV files (8-16-24-32bit, any sampling rate).
The PCMSynth can also load SoundFont files (.sf2) and FL/Xewton instruments (.instr, .ZIP)

Exported songs can be shared using the AudioShare app.

Supports CoreMIDI for note and velocity data.

See the in-app help section for dozens of informative tutorial videos and full online manual.

There is also a FREE (full version) PC version available for download on the product website.

Come visit to download more presets, request features, share your tracks and hear what others are creating with Caustic 3.

Works on iPhone/iPod but iPad is recommended.

The app is priced at a very reasonable $9.99 (£6.99).

A quick look at Caustic 3.0 Alpha

So, we start off with a nice entry and an invitation to add machines into our track. 

And aren’t there some lovely machines to add in. Most notably the new modular and the vocoder machines, but for me the modular is the most interesting of all.

And how cool is it. When you open up the modular machine you get a tabbed view of elements to add into your modular, starting with the osc. panel.

Followed by some envelope choices.

Some very nice filter options including a formant filter.

Some cool mixing modules to go into the machine.

A couple of effects, and I have to say that this is probably the most disappointing, and I hope we’ll see some more options here in due course.

Finally, a ‘misc’ tab of elements to put into the machine.

Adding modules/elements into the modular machine gives you two views. A front and a flip view. The front panel view is above …

And below is the flip view gives you the patch cable view.

Patching the elements is very easy and straightforward, and I’m happy to say, a real joy to play around with. Caustic will be in alpha for a while and there are no promises on stability at all, but even so, I think it’s worth the risks.

I think it’ll be a big step forward for Android music making.

Impressed? I am.

emSynth Affordable Breadboard Modular Synth coming soon

This is amazing! A tiny, and I mean really tiny modular synth for about a 1/20th of the cost of a traditional modular. I’ll be keeping an eye out for this.

Details here, and the news page for emSynth here.

Via Matrixsynth.

d(- -)b (a modular DJ app) from AppBC (makers of TouchAble arrives

Something very new from the makers of TouchAble the Ableton controller.

d(- -)b, the first Modular DJ App for the iPad.

Mаԁе bу thе people behind touchAble, d(- -)b provides endless possibilities for DJs with an iPad. Its modular approach lets the app adapt to the user, not the other way around.
DJs can choose from pre-installed templates or create their own interface with up to 6 decks – on one or several pages – making it the perfect tool for any use-case.

The comprehensive in app editor makes it simple to configure your very own DJ setup. The numerous modules include everything a DJ needs, and allow for an incredible amount of flexibility and customization.

With beautiful color-coded waveforms instead of fake vinyl platters, and accurate tools for both worlds of beat-matching: Grid & Sync or Pitch & Nudge – it opens the door to a whole new world of touchable DJing.

With support for Multi-Route Audio, d(- -)b turns the iPad into into a professional DJ setup – powerful, customizable, portable.

Introductory Price of $9.99 – get it while it lasts!


  • Zoomable realtime waveforms with spectrum colorcoding
  • 4 cue points per deck
  • 3 band EQ with kill switches
  • loops from 1/64th to 8 bars
  • loop roll while track keeps playing
  • automatic beat & grid detection
  • manually grid tracks if the detection is off
  • pitch coarse & fine faders for 10% / 1% pitch control
  • custom browser with access to the iTunes library
  • record stereo mixes – even without multi-route (optionally listen to the dry/wet monitor signal instead of the recorded main signal)
  • multi-route audio to precue tracks in stereo & use any class compilant USB Audio Interface as a secondary stereo output
  • split output audio to do mono monitoring

d(- -)b - AppBC

Modulars on my 3G

Only a few, but they’re all good!

TC-11 Multi-Touch Synthesizer updated

TC-11 Multi-Touch Synthesizer gets another great update. Here’s what’s new:

  • 16 new patches, including the ‘Frets’ layout which mimics a guitar
  • new number keypad patch value entry
  • new waveform select buttons


  • larger interface elements

Bug Fixes:

  • settings / patch layout glitches
  • minor audio glitches fixed
  • load / save crash fixed

TC-11 Multi-Touch Synthesizer - Bit Shape

Molecule Synth is getting closer

Good to see that Molecule Synth is getting closer to being a reality. I’m so looking forward to getting my hands on it.

Here are some more shots from the latest email from Molecule Synth.

Audulus for Mac loads iPad patches

Great news for Audulus users (iPad or Mac). Audulus for Mac now loads patches created with Audulus for iPad! I’m not sure (and haven’t tried either) if this works in reverse though. Anyone know?

Audulus for iPad
Audulus - Wilson Holliday

Audulus for Mac
Audulus - Wilson Holliday

Tinkering with TC-11

I hadn’t played around with this app for a while and I’d forgotten just how powerful it is. Having said that, it’s quite complicated as well of course, and not for the faint hearted. But if you’re interested in creating your own patches and making some very unique sounds then you should seriously check out this app.

TC-11 Multi-Touch Synthesizer - Bit Shape

Modified Monotron / Semi-Modular Tron Jam

Video description:

Filthy little modified Monotron jam: LFO out to gate in, 1 sequencer feeds CV to pitch in, another sequencer feeds CV to manipulate the LFO’s rate. ////This Tron is a beast! ////// Mods: CV in for pitch, gate, filter cutoff and LFO rate. External LFO out with depth control knob. Two 1/4″ outs, two 1/4″ inputs for the filter and a master volume knob. Also added an over drive feature.