Little Boots live at the ICA

Little Boots plays the ICA London this Thursday. You may remember I posted a video of Little Boots playing live using a Tenori-on and a stylophone. I’ve no idea if she’ll do something similar at this gig, who knows? Anyway, the first act is on at 9:30pm and tickets a £9.50.

If you don’t know it the ICA is an excellent London venue. It is small enough so that you can actually see the act you’ve paid for, and also a well enough established venue to get some interesting acts.

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iBand to play at a festival in Dublin

iBand have been rehearsing and according to their site they are due to start some live performances at festivals.

Palm Sounds Live

I’ve been asked about posting some video from my 1st Palm Sounds show. Sadly the video isn’t useable for a variety of reasons, so I thought I’d write some comments about what I used and how.

First off there were actually two of us performing. Most of the time we were using Bhajis Loops as the core for the performance and other devices more as instruments to improvise around the core. Bhajis was running on a T3 and a TX. My Treo 650 was running SunVox 1.0, which is very useful live as the Treo Keyboard works just like a regular keyboard except very small. The only drawback is that whilst you can use a variety of instruments in SunVox you can’t switch between them using the hard keys on the device. However, this is a feature I’ve requested.

We also used PalmBuzzer for a bunch of random samples, and a Kaosillator, which is fast becoming one of my favourite toys. The whole mix went through a mini KP for good measure.

The visuals you can see in the photographs are running from an iPod Classic which delivered video and slide shows and worked very well. In fact, in the first two shots the actual images were made using NinerPaint which is an excellent Palm based art tool.

It is a shame the video didn’t work, I guess we’ll just have to do some more live shows now! Any suggestions for venues around the London area?

Nice live rig

Nice live rig from Herr prof. The photo on flickr has some useful annotations.

Palm Sounds Live Pictures

Pictures from the first ever live show from Palm Sounds

lissajou live gameboy performance (via Livepa)

What a fantastic performance! Lissajou has an interesting MySpace page too. All these sounds are from Nanoloop / LSDJ. Makes me want to buy a gameboy again.

Performance test 1

For ages I’ve had an idea about performing live with a range of difference PDAs / handheld devices. Today I decided to start to see if I could actually make something work using multiple non-linked devices to create something.

The sound doesn’t really do it justice, but it is an interesting experiment (at least I think so anyway).

Jam Session in use live

You may not like the song, but this is quite an impress use of Jam Sessions live.

Crate Profiler 5: Taking things Live?

Continuing my theme of live work with PDAs / handhelds I thought that this would be a useful addition…

This is the Crate Profiler Model 5, which looks to me like you could really use this with you mobile live set maybe?

Their site says this:

“The Crate Profiler Model 5 makes a great home practice amp, but it’s so much more. Small and supremely portable, Model 5 packs your favorite amplifier tones into a single versatile, and highly affordable, studio-ready package.

You get killer guitar tones, Profiler’s built-in digital effects processing, and USB connectivity, making it the perfect recording interface. Dual battery and AC power provides the ultimate in portability. Just grab your guitar, your Model 5, and your laptop to take your entire recording studio anywhere on the planet. Crate Profiler Model 5 — recording just got easier!

11 amp profiles, including: Clean, High Watt, Vintage Club, Top Mount, and a setting specifically for acoustic guitars
2.5 watts per channel stereo output
2 x 4″ speakers
USB output for easy recording
DSP effects with Crate Channel Tracking™ and including delay, modulation and reverb effects
Gain/tone/level/profile-select controls
CD/MP3 player stereo input jack, Headphone jack
Mackie Tracktion 2 recording software included (for PC and Mac)
Battery and/or AC power”

I’ve got to admit that it is really tempting…


I previously posted on Nullsleep’s performance in NYC. This attracted the following comment:

“i’m not familiar with the gameboy-music interface, but it didn’t seem like this guy had any control over what was playing. his tinkering with the grey gameboy didn’t seem to alter the sound being played. does anyone know how much of this performance could be ‘live’? it seemed pre-sequenced, like the gameboys were simply playing and not being tweaked. “

So, I thought it would be worth seeing if Nullsleep had a site, which he does. There’s quite a bit of information, but I’m not sure that the question above is answered.

Anyway, it is worth checking out the Nullsleep site. It has details of the software he uses too.

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