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More iPod news

Interesting uses of iPods here. I like the direction that this is going in.

Griffin Technology creator of all things iPod, today debuted three new products at the Apple Expo show in Paris; the iTalk Pro, the iKaraoke and the TuneCenter.

The iTalk Pro plugs into your iPod’s dock connector to double up as a recording studio be it for making podcasts or recording music.

The new accessory features two built-in microphones to sample in stereo at 44.1kHz and can accommodate a stereo 1/8″ (3.5mm) input jack for your external mic if you want. iTalk Pro will let you record in either 16-bit stereo or 8-bit mono and promises one-touch recording.

iKaraoke is a high-quality compact microphone that plugs into your iPod and at the flick of a switch, existing vocals fade into the background, leaving instruments and backing vocals intact, allowing you to step up and be the star.

iKaraoke also includes features to enhance your performance including three levels of reverb to blend vocals and accompaniment so you sound best. iKaraoke can also send the music, and your vocals, to your FM stereo wirelessly or by direct connection.

Finally the company has announced the TuneCenter, an iPod Media Center that gives the user the ability to convert their iPod into a Home Entertainment Center allowing users to watch videos, listen to your iPod music library or check out photos via your TV screen and speakers – all controllable by a simple remote.

All should be available in the UK shortly.

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iPod Music Studio – Sort of but not quite…

You have to click through to this article about an idea for the next generation of Mac. The Mac Nano. Fantastic. Almost sounds like it should happen as a logical next step.

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Mobile Studio

One idea that has been knocking around in the back of my mind for ages is about having a “studio” if you like that is completely mobile. The first thing I need to do of course is define what I mean by this. Of course, there are many devices that claim to be a “mobile studio”, but you would need more than a single device I think.

At the core of the idea would be:

– The ability to create music on the go with minimal restriction
– The ability to record live sounds / vocals
– The ability to mix synthesised sounds and live sounds
– At least basic multitrack facilities

There probably needs to be more, and I’ll add to this as I think about it more.

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Yet more on the iPod idea

The title link above will take you to a new site I’ve set up on this subject. Let’s see what happens.

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More on the iPod Studio idea

I’ve been discussing with the writer of evolving trends the possibility of getting a project like this off the ground. If enough people are interested I’m sure that there a developer or two might get interested.

Anyway, more as this develops.

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iPod thoughts again

In m previous post about the possibility of an iPod version of Garageband the blog I was posting on referenced a site called Rockbox. I’ve been having a bit of a look around there. Interesting stuff. I like the idea of replacing the firmware in an iPod and replacing it with something new.

I especially like the fact that they are developing apps to run in their firmware. Very cool. Maybe they will make a mini studio app?

Take a look anyway.

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iPod Music Studio

Not quite there really, but moving in the right direction I think.

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No iPod Music Studio (as yet)

After my last post I thought there might be an anouncement at the WWDC, but sadly nothing at all iPod related. Although someone at work pointed out that the last iPod announcements were around October time.

Perhaps there’ll be something then? Who knows. It would be a fantastic idea.

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The iPod as portable music studio

This blog post is about an excellent idea about the future of the iPod. I think it would be brilliant if the next generation of iPod could be used with a cut down version of Garageband. It is an idea that I’ve had knocking around my head for ages.

Anyway, have a look at this blog, there’s lots of good comments on it too.

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