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PR0C0D1N6 for iOS

This isn’t a music app, but it is something that I think will appeal to a few readers. PR0C0D1N6 is a code app that works with Processing JS and has just been updated. Here’s what’s new:

Version 2.0 extends PR0C0D1N6 with JavaScript/HTML5-Canvas sketches and comes with a ridiculous huge offline documentation on JavaScript, HTML5 and new JS APIs – and a new as-you-type syntax checker for JS sketches. This version is an important step to improve PR0C0D1N6’s capabilities and code structure and will lead the way for more feature packed updates.

I think that this is going to be a really interesting app as it develops, and if mobile code is something you’re interested in then it is worth taking a look at.

PR0C0D1N6 - Michael Markert

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iCircuit on iOS

Has anyone used this for any kind of prototyping of stuff for music? I return to it every now and then and then get too confused.

iCircuit - Krueger Systems, Inc.

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Beat Sneak Bandit

I haven’t tried this one as yet, but it looks promising. I’m always tempted by musical games, but to date, with just a handful of exceptions, I’ve been disappointed.

I will be trying this one out, I just hope I’m not disappointed again.

Beat Sneak Bandit - Simogo

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Glitch Machine basic demo video

With Glitch Machine 1.1 on the way here’s a video from the developer on what the current version does.

GlitchMachine - Madgarden

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Thumbjam, the app that keeps giving

I just love how there are occasional batches of samples available for Thumbjam. Always excellent quality.

I love using Thumbjam, especially the cello, viola and other strings. They’re so expressive.

ThumbJam - Sonosaurus LLC