Noatikl 2 adds IAA, AB2 and more

Here’s what’s new in Noatikl 2:

  • Added support for Apple Inter-App Audio, meaning you can record directly in e.g. GarageBand without requiring Audiobus
  • Audiobus updated to Audiobus 2
  • When you make a change to a Partikl knob setting the pop-up bottom slider no longer immediately auto-hides; you now have have a few seconds to make further changes via the slider
  • Selecting a SF2 patch in the Wavetable Unit no longer auto closes the dialog, improving sound previewing
  • We’ve refined how the IAP and timeout works to give more granularity and allow ads; purchasors of the prior all-in-one IAP will see no ads and have the same unlocked functionality they had before
  • Various bug fixes, plus other changes to support the above

Wotja update brings IAA and more

Here’s what’s new with Wotja:

  • Added support for Apple Inter-App Audio (turned on with the Audiobus toggle), meaning you can record directly in e.g. GarageBand without requiring Audiobus
  • Audiobus updated to Audiobus 2
  • Bug fixes

LiquidSonics Mobile Convolution

Another convolution reverb arrives for iOS …

LiquidSonics Mobile Convolution is a true-stereo reverb processor for use with Audiobus and Inter-App Audio hosts. It allows the IR to be stretched, cropped and envelopes applied to shape the sound of the reverb in a very natural and musical way. A collection of impulse responses is provided, and external impulse responses can be added via Open-In… support in apps like Mail, Safari and Dropbox, or downloaded directly from within the app.

The app costs $9.99.

Gumdrops for iPad arrives

Looks like an interesting development in the drum app space …

Gumdrops takes your beats to the next level with the power of a 64 track / 32 step sequencer combined with the expressiveness of a hand-crafted instrument.


  • Inter-App Audio
  • Audiobus
  • AudioCopy/Paste
  • MIDI Clock
  • WIST
  • SoundCloud®

I am a drummer and the idea for Gumdrops came to me when a friend and I were discussing making beats using devices like the Roland TR-808 and the Native Instruments Maschine. Gumdrops exists because tapping out beats on pads in time is very hard to do and programming in steps on a sequencer then playing it back to see how it sounds is boring.

When I’m on a drum kit I can play quarter, eighth or sixteenth notes easily with either of my hands and feet. If you have your right hand holding steady eighths on the hi-hat, introducing your left hand in between produces sixteenths. Then removing your right hand leaves eighths but on a syncopated pattern. This sort of natural pattern adaptation is what makes Gumdrops so revolutionary.

There are eight groups of eight pads on the board. By default, each group is assigned to a single sampled sound. The two pads at the bottom of a group are half notes, then moving up to quarters, then eighths, then sixteenths. The left column of pads is filled with the patterns that would be played by your right hand if you were on a drum kit, and the right column has what would be played by your left hand. Playing both the left and right together produces a pattern twice as fast. You could think of the left column as down beats and the right as up beats. So playing a pad in the right column will sound funky and off beat. Playing a pad in the left column will sound solid and on beat. Making up combinations of different patterns is easy by just tapping multiple pads.

Of course Gumdrops offers so much more than the defaults. You can edit the 32 step pattern on all 64 pads. Set the velocity for each step by just dragging across the pattern with your finger. Assign samples to pads by recording directly or by AudioPaste. You can synchronize with other apps and equipment using MIDI clock. Record and apply effects using Inter-App Audio and Audiobus. Upload your recordings to SoundCloud®.

All product and company names are ™ or ® trademarks of their respective owners. WIST is a trademark and software of KORG INC.

Special thanks to David Demeter of The Drum Lab, Sahir Hanif of Masters of Maple, Brady Drums, and the awesome beta test team.

Gumdrops costs $4.99 on the app store:

ToneStack GO for iOS arrives

Yonac brings us ToneStack GO (universal), the freemium version of ToneStack GO. Here’s the detail:

ToneStack GO is the ultimate in signal processing: with the largest variety of amps & FX, the latest advancements in modeling technology, and an unbelievably powerful yet simple interface – it simply shreds all the other guys.

Right away, enjoy a classic amp & cab, and 7 meticulously designed FX. Expand to a total of 24 amps & cabs, and 71 FX – the largest collection on iOS.

Thanks to ToneStack GO’s state-of-the-art “Virtual Circuit” technology, each ToneStack GO unit is the digital mirror image of a real analog topology. Unlike other FX apps that try to copycat with EQing and other gimmicks, ToneStack GO recreates the intricate designs of the real thing. The result is a warm, responsive tone with the natural behavior you find in analog units.

Amazing Selection of Pro Amps & FX

ToneStack GO offers a huge range of amps, cabs & FX: sizzling tube amps, iconic stompboxes, pro-grade rack units, and high-end reverbs make ToneStack GO the most complete plugin suite on the iOS.

ToneStack GO also brings many powerful guitar FX to the iOS for the first time: polyphonic octaver, harmonizer, realistic spring reverbs, virtual-reel tape delays are just a few examples.

The Most Versatile Signal Chain on iOS

Why be limited with just 4 or 8 FX that other guys max you out at? ToneStack GO lets you run a whopping 64 amps & effects simultaneously* so you can let your imagination run wild.

For even more power, ToneStack GO includes a unique ABY unit not found in other FX apps. Split your signal anywhere: run dual amp setups, switch or blend FX chains, or multiplex your signal via frequency splitting – countless permutations, all up to you.

You can match any amp with any cab (all cabs have 3 mics with distance & position settings); you can insert any unit anywhere – even between amps and cabs like a true FX loop. Managing your signal chain is as easy as dragging and dropping an icon!

All the Pro Features of iOS

Enjoy the full power of the platform’s top MIDI and Preset systems. MIDI learn is super-intuitive thanks to ToneStack GO’s interface: all the amp & FX controls are MIDI-programmable. Effortlessly create UNLIMITED banks and presets – share them at the touch of a button. ToneStack GO is an Inter-App Audio effect, and works in any Audiobus slot.


  • “Virtual Circuit” amp & FX modeling technology
  • Units modeled after real-life topologies
  • ABY: split signal anywhere, use dual amp setups, blend, pan or switch FX chains & more
  • Complete collection: 24 amps & cabs, 71 FX, with stompboxes & rack-units and more!
  • 64 simultaneous amps & FX*
  • Independent amps & cabs
  • 3 mics per cab w/ distance & position setting
  • 8-Track recorder w/ 2 tracks free
  • Tapedeck w/ punch looping, sample-accurate rec, pitch/time manipulation, FX send & more
  • Tuner w/ permanent & fullscreen modes
  • Metronome, tap tempo, settable time signature
  • BPM sync mods & LFOs
  • onSTAGE mode w/ quick preset load & FX toggle
  • Unlimited banks & presets; easy preset sharing & more
  • Extremely powerful MIDI: control any amp or FX parameter
  • Easy MIDI Learn
  • MIDI prog changes + bank & preset up/down
  • Audiobus: input, FX, output, state-saving
  • Inter-App Audio FX
  • Audio copy/paste, email, WiFi, iTunes sharing
  • And a lot more!


  • Works with iOS compatible USB or headphone jack interfaces (USB recommended for best audio quality)
  • Requires iPad 2, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 5 or newer

Visit us at

* Device CPU limitations apply

Nice To Be Your Friend Synth adds IAA instrument mode and more

Nice To Be Your Friend Synth adds support for IAA instrument mode, MIDI program change support, and sustain pedals in the latest update

GliderVerb update brings AB and IAA improvements

Here’s what’s new with GliderVerb:

  • AudioBus 2.1 compatible
  • Audiobus and Inter App Audio improvements
  • UI improvements
  • AudioCopyAndPaste latest SDK update
  • Some built-in new presets
  • New: Prevent the Audio feedback without headphone accessory
  • Minor bug fixed

This update require iOS 7 for Audiobus Compatibility

SeekBeats gets IAA via AB2 and a bit more in the latest update

Here’s what’s new in SeekBeats:

  • Length of the pattern can be set (all the patterns in the session have the same length).
  • Inter App Audio (via AudioBus 2).
  • Some other minor fixes.

Mitosynth 1.1 is live with IAA and more

Here’s what’s new with Mitosynth:

Major new features:

  • Inter-App Audio support
  • Audiobus State Saving
  • Painter mode: Paint your own single-cycle waveforms into the Wavechamber
  • Gridcøre mode: Assemble waveforms into a grid, morph across them in 2D
  • Create “packages” from your patches, to share with others
  • 20 additional built-in patches

Other neat stuff:

  • Additional musical scales & ability to transpose them
  • Adjust tuning & mix levels in the wave chamber (e.g. you can make pre-baked chord patches)
  • Can type in exact values for dial settings (& don’t forget: you’ve always been able to fine-tune settings by dragging downwards while adjusting them!)
  • Lots of extra flexibility in patch design, including enhanced settings for Bit Crush, High Pass, Low Pass, Pitch Bend, use Tube Resonance in the Prefilter
  • And of course various minor stability, performance & UI improvements.

Sunrizer adds support for Inter-app-audio MIDI

A small but very handy update for Sunrizer as it adds support for Inter-app-audio MIDI in version 3.3.

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