0 comments on “You could look at DS homebrew without Pixelh8 could you?”

You could look at DS homebrew without Pixelh8 could you?

That would be wrong wouldn’t it?

0 comments on “DStep for DS”

DStep for DS

Slightly strange and mildly incomprehensible step sequencer

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Nitrotracker main interface

I just thought it was worth a photo. If you want to know more about Nitrotracker, the site is still up here.

0 comments on “Nitrotracker for DS”

Nitrotracker for DS

I’m still amazed at how good this homebrew tracker is, and it’s still available too. The site hasn’t been updated since 2010, but it is now open source if anyone wants to do anything with it.

0 comments on “GrooveStep on the DS”

GrooveStep on the DS

I remember that this was going to be massive. I was on the private beta test and it is still to this day a handy homebrew music app.

0 comments on “Protein DS running again”

Protein DS running again

I can remember when this DS homebrew app was first mentioned. CDM ran a few posts about it. It was an exciting development. I think I might have to do a little video of it later.

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DS Synth

Interesting noises from this, but not much more though. Like the graphics.

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bliptracker running on my DS Lite

Not that I could get this to do much actually. I probably need to spend a little more time with it I guess.

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DS Homebrew: Sludgeon from 8Cylinder

Another 8Cylinder homebrew application. Sludgeon has been around for a very long time.

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DS Homebrew: Shitwave

There’s just no getting away from a name like that.