Back 2008: Belkin Podcast Studio was on the way

At the time I was more interested in the TuneStudio rather than this hardware, and of course both got taken over really very quickly indeed by what would become iOS eventually.

That’s not to say that both of these weren’t good ideas. I think that they were, just that their timing wasn’t right, but then, back in 2008 they didn’t know how things would turn out.

Back in 2013: 13 Months of Audiobus

An interesting post from 2013 where Michael from Audiobus reflects on how Audiobus started and where it’s going.

Back in 2009: No Bhajis coming to your iPhone

At the time I think a lot of people expected Bhajis to come to the iPhone, but after this I think it finally put the idea to bed.

It was a shame, but almost inevitable.

Back in 2009: Little Boots on TV with a Tenori-on

This is a significant thing in my view. Seeing on TV playing a Tenori-on which is a mobile music making device, was just great.

Back in 2007: The original mobile music app directory!

This was my first attempt at trying to put together a whole list of mobile music apps. Of course now you couldn’t run it as a list anymore, but you could perhaps if it was limited to the older apps.

Back in 2007: MiJam Minis

To say that these were weird ideas would be a little bit of an understatement. I’ve never got hold of them, and I probably wouldn’t bother now,

Strange the directions people take with mobile music making stuff.

Back in 2007: Theremini

Back on this day in 2007 I posted on Theremini which is now almost impossible to find anywhere sadly. If you’re interested take a lookhere

In 2008: More on the iPhone as a controller

Another step on the way to the iPhone’s place in music making today, from back in 2008. You can read it here.

Back in 2009: Yonac’s miniSynth 2.0 arrived

miniSynth was one of the very first synth apps to hit the app store back in the early days of the iPhone and iPod Touch. I can remember first trying it out and being amazed by it. so it was great to see it get an update back in 2009.

And it was worth the wait. miniSynth 2 brought recording and exporting too.

Back in 2008: Concreted0g’s show …

Back then I didn’t know him so well as now, but his interesting music of musical ability and the constant need to tinker and make interesting things has made us good friends now.

It’s nice to think that he’s still doing cool stuff as he did back in 2008 at this gig.

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