Back in 2008: More thoughts on handhelds and live

As I wasn’t able to put out any video from this live performance in 2008 I put down some thoughts instead. You can read them here.

Back in 2008: Thoughts on the son of miniMIXA

After the demise of miniMIXA and the creation of Intermorphic I put down a few thoughts on where next for the successor to miniMIXA. You can read the original 2008 post here.

Back in 2007: Pocket MC 2.0

This is a Windows Mobile app that I never got around to getting and it might be too late now. This post from back in 2007 was all about the version 2.0. You can read it

Back in 2009: Yudo announce 8bitone

Yudo’s 8bitone was a really amazing app back in 2009, and you can read my original post about the announcement here.

Back in 2007: Microbe circuit bending

Although it was difficult to see what the ‘circuit bending’ part of this was, it was good to see someone else talking about Microbe. You can see the video and links here.

Back in 2008: Palm Sounds live

Amazing to think about this from back in 2008. I decided to see if I could do something live with just PDAs and mobile type devices. It wasn’t as easy as you’d think it might be.

Here are the pictures to prove it,

Back in 2007: The Madplayer

A strange device for music making that never really took off, which was a shame really, but for those who had them it was a great source of inspiration as a generative music maker. You can read more about my thoughts on these here.

Back in 2008: Intermorphic confirm that they’re coming back to mobile

It was great news back in 2008 and we’ve certainly seen the brilliant things that they’ve brought us with things like Mixtikl and Noatikl.

Read the original post here.

Happy Birthday BeatPad!

It’s amazing to think that BeatPad for Palm OS from miniMusic first arrived in 2000. Back in 2009 I wrote this post celebrating its 9th birthday.

I do still occasionally use it, and I’ve had it out to run outboard gear a few times as it’s so simple to work with.

It’s still a great app for Palm OS!

Back in 2007: Rhythm Pro

Another Palm OS 4 app that I looked at back in 2007. A nice little drum machine for the Palm OS. You can read about it here.