Back in 2008: A first look at Yonac’s miniSynth

Yonac’s first ever iPhone app, miniSynth was an amazing step to see a little synth on your iPhone. You can read the original post (with video) here.

Back in 2009: TweakyBeat arrived!

I find it amazing to think that TweakyBeat has been around since back in 2009 and is still completely brilliant and one of the best drum synth apps around. It’s easy to forget how long apps have been around and how they’ve developed and matured and really come on to be a part of your core set of apps, as TweakyBeat is for me.

Back in 2007, what a shock it was! Palm cancelled their Foleo device

Yep, it was a shock back then, but perhaps in hindsight something of a signal that they had really lost the plot. Here’s the original post.

Back in 2007: The London launch of the Tenori-on

Amazing to think that this device was launched back in 2007 and paved the way for so many grid-like interfaces. Here’s my brief original post.

Way back in 2007 …

I started a little thing called the Mobile Music Application Directory. Back then it was almost entirely Palm OS and Windows Mobile stuff, with some DS stuff too of course. It just amazes me to think that in 5 years mobile music has moved on to such a huge extent.

Disquiet: Oramics

Interesting post at Disquiet (always worth a read in my book). This post caught my eye as it’s about an exhibition that I’ve visited at least half a dozen times if not more.

There are some useful links in the post and the recording (8 minutes long) is well worth a listen too.

If you’re in London and you can get to it I’d recommend visiting this exhibition at the Science Museum. It closes on the 1st of December.

The post from Disquiet is here.

And if you’re interested, there’s an Oramics app for your iPhone which is a lot of fun to play with too.

Oramics - Strangeloop Limited

What would Bhajis Loops 2.0 have looked like?

This is one of those “what if” type posts about Bhajis Loops. What would it have looked like if it had got to a version 2.0? I can imagine lots of features that could have been added along the way, but I bet there’s an even longer list somewhere of all the feature requests from users.

Anyway, for what it is worth, here’s my list:

  • Audio support. Two channels (or more) of audio to go alongside the instruments.
  • Synth plug ins. Like an FM synth.
  • Bluetooth support. To sync multiple handhelds to the same clock.
  • Increased effect plug ins. What kind I’m not sure.
  • Ability to connect to a bluetooth keyboard (for input)

What would you have liked?

Another Pocket PC Drum Machine

I found another PocketPC Drum Machine. This one has a bit of a twist. Here’s the product’s details:

Drum Kit Ace is a brilliant music & memory game and also an easy to program drum machine!

In the two game modes Memory Master and Rhythm Master use your touch screen stylus to hit the drums and follow the computers lead. Practice drumming in Freestyle mode, complete with metronome to help improve your timing.

The Drum Machine enables you to create up to 99 drum tracks. The interface is simple and intuitive. If you play an instrument (e.g. guitar, bass, keyboard) then why not create a drum track to play along to…for fun, for practice, for real.


  • Stylish Photo Realistic VGA Graphics
  • Excellent Animation
  • Portrait and Landscape View supported on ALL devices
  • Multi-Language Support (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish)
  • Memory Master
  • Rhythm Master
  • Freestyle
  • Drum Machine

Chronology of Palm Music on Tam Hanna

I posted this on Tam’s blog so I thought I’d post a link to it here.

Chronology of Palm Music